Wednesday Fast

Know why the fast of Wednesday is kept and its methods

As you know, the significance of Mercury is very much in our life. While Wednesday fast is done by those people who are affected by Mercury's planet and they want to avoid it. Explain that Mercury gives the planet the ability of scholarship and debate. Apart from this, it is believed that it also affects the teeth of teeth, skin, and neck. So let us know today that we will know about the fast and detailed, so let's start. Wednesday fast (Vrat) is addressed to appease the planet Mercury (Budh Dev). However, the chief god worshipped on the puja day is Lord Mahadev (Shiv Shankar)

What is the main purpose of fasting on Wednesday?

First of all, we will know that what’s the main purpose of fasting on Wednesday is. According to the well-known astrologers, keeping all this fast in regular form results in all pleasures. Apart from this, there is no lack or absence of any kind in life in the future and intellect increases.

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Wednesday Vrat Vidhi

It is clear on Wednesday that this fast can only be kept on Wednesday, and that is why it is named Wednesday. If you talk about the law, then the devotees should get up early this morning and then do the cleaning. After this, wash your bath with good hands and get ready. It is said that on the day of Wednesday's fast, green clothes should be worn on that day which is considered to be more beneficial. After this, the devotees should sprinkle holy water in the house.

After doing this, now place a statue of Lord Mercury or Shankar Bhagwan or a picture of some other holy place at home in the holy place and worship them before sun and ghee and worship them. Apart from this, those who keep the vow should pray for Mercury through the following mantras. Mercury is the intellectual of Buddhism: Bodda: Sarvada Narnam. Tattavbodhan Kurusa Somaputra Namo Namah

If it is possible on this day, read the story related to the fasting Wednesday and then read the aarti. At the same time, you can offer jaggery, rice, and curd in the offerings.

It is important that astrology says that if there is good fruit then besides all these, the devotees should offer white flowers and green objects on Wednesday on the day of fasting, there is more benefit and God is pleased.

These benefits are made by fasting on Wednesday

In the meantime, let us tell you that if you keep a fast on Wednesday, then there are lots of benefits. Yes, there is no shortage in your life from Wednesday's fast and intellect develops. At the same time regular and at the right time, the fasting of the house gets relieved and peace is maintained. Besides, the disease does not come near. So we hope that you have understood all the information related to the fast on Wednesday by this article.

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