Alpaayu Yog in Kundli

Alpaayu Yog will increase the problems in life

You need to know some bad effects of Alpaayu Yog which increases the problems in life. You do not find what you want. Everything seems to be the opposite. Today, I am telling you all about such Yog. The effect of which falls directly on your life. What to do to avoid this yog, how can you get rid of it, and let us tell you about Alpayu Yog in detail-

Alpaayu Yog in Kundli

Alpaayu Yog is that, when the moon planet in the Kundli, sin creates a crisis with planets. Indeed, in the short life Yog, the moon planet sits on the pilgrimage with other sinful planets and becomes powerless. Its effect is so critical that saving a life is not easy.

Solution to avoid Alpaayu Yog

If a person becomes very weak at home and all the sinful planets are keeping their eyes on it. Such a person definitely becomes short life Yog. Clearly speaking, the effect of this Yog affects the life of a Jatak. The crisis runs on his age. That is, the doors of death are opened. Now the question is, what can be the remedy for it when a sinner is put into your horoscope, it definitely arises, but it is not so they have no way. There is definitely a solution, we are telling you some ideas. Which can overcome the effects of short life Yog?


1.  To save the life crisis, Shiva's Jalabhishek has to be done. Every day go to the temple and offer floral gifts to God

2.  Make a mention of Mahamrityunjaya. This will increase your age. This is the most powerful and effective chants. 

3.  Respect the elders, and bless them by touching their feet with parents every day so that you get the blessings of longevity. Also, go to an old age home and serve the elderly.

4.  To celebrate Bholenath, please keep fast on Monday and feed the food of your part to the poor. Try to donate more and more to the poor.

5.  Rotate People every day except Sundays. You will get rid of short life Yog.

6.  To avoid the evil celestial planet, worship the period of blacks and days of Mahakal. Try to please them.

7.  Om Chandra Mauli devya nama: chant the full moon of the mantra. On the day of Amavasya, go to the temple of Lord Shiva. Clean water to Lord Shiva, in which black mole is found. Add Ganga Jal and mix it. Remember that Lord Shiva is pleased with white flowers, so devote God to white flowers also to God.

8.  If you do the rules given below, then the sinful planets that flourish in your horoscope will be destroyed.

These were the effects of sleepy Yog which you need to keep in your mind. We hope that you like this post. I will be grateful and knowledgeable for you. Read the post carefully as it is very informative.

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