Weekly Horoscope , 27 September to 03 October


This week is going to be very special for you and you look very excited. Somewhere you are very positive about the future. The position of Mars with Sun in Virgo is very good. Benefits related to money are visible. You are also seen getting a lot of success in the family. There may be some exorbitant expenditure in money and there may also be some obvious confusion in the sources of your money. Time is good for business. Time is also very good for work area. Some problems related to the stomach may bother you a little, but you will overcome all these problems due to your positive thoughts and behavior and you will meet all these problems with the mentally strong, this type of situation will happen this week. is going to live. Peace to the planet Ketu. Chant Om Namah Mantra in the morning.

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The beginning of this week may start with some mental worries for you. However, the morale you have will be very strong and you will always be ready to face any kind of worry. The position of Sun and Mars located in the fifth house is very strong so that you will get a moral support, along with this your thoughts will be high, the position of Venus and Mercury in the sixth house will be good for you and you will establish good relations with your own people. Business people should avoid taking any new decision right now and let the time go a little further. You will get full support of luck. There will also seem to be a peace in the mind, the time is right for the job workers. Before doing any work, definitely bless your elders, worship Lord Shani, the week will be auspicious for you.


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This is the very right time to make your dream about the future come true for a long time. The planetary position is ready to give you many benefits at this time, surely your desire to become the owner of a good vehicle or a good house is likely to be fulfilled. The position of Venus and Mercury in Libra is very good for you. At this time your thoughts are very balanced and at the same time you are able to get the support of others in a good way. Your words are measured at this time. Some temples are supported by fate, but you are definitely getting it. There is a possibility of unnecessary expenditure. There is also a possibility of unnecessary travel. You should worship Maa Kali, surely your coming week will be very good.

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This week will bring many benefits for you but will also bring some worries along with it. Health wise time is very good. There may be some stomach related and shoulder pain related problems at the end of the week. Your fame socially is going to increase a lot. There is a very good sum of comforts in the family. You are also seeing the possibilities of getting many benefits in the field of work. Especially you are also seeing the possibilities of promotion in your work. You need to have some control over your thoughts otherwise you may get stressed. Business relations will be very good. You can also plan to travel somewhere with your friends. This week is great for you. Worship Lord Shankar and keep the mind calm.

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This week will be a test-taking time for you, especially the better work done by you in the field of work will also be seen in a comparative manner, which can be a bit painful for you. Your office environment can also affect your home environment. This type of planet is being formed in the position. You need to control your mind and yourself. You will continue to get both encouragement and support from the family. Along with this, the financial condition will also be good. You will also have a lot of help and support socially. Secret enemies can attack on you, but you will overcome them with your ease, your understanding will definitely work for you. You will get a lot of benefits by worshiping Lord Hanuman. Recite Hanuman Chalisa.

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This week is going to be very energetic and positive for you. Your thoughts are going to give energy to you as well as to the people who come in contact with you. You will get many benefits in many fields. Health is going to be very good, your relations with family will be very good. You will definitely get benefits in money related areas. Some you will also have to pay attention to your social status because this week there is a possibility that there may be some loss in your social work, but still with your intelligence, things are getting out of control. . Will try my best to bring them under his control. Along with this, you will have moderate support of luck. Worshiping Lakshmi Ganesh ji is going to be very good for you at this time. Chant this mantra “Om Gam Ganpataye Namah”, you will spend a very good week.

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This week is very good for you in terms of health. Venus is in your sign with Mercury. You will feel strong and refreshed both physically and mentally. Some problems are being seen from the side of family and money and suddenly extreme financial situation can get worse, then you have to pay attention to it. You are going to work hard this week. Surely you will also get the benefit of it. You may also have to face some problems in some things, especially you have to pay attention to your health and if you feel any problem in your health due to any reason then you should donate urad dal to a poor person. You should also take some time out of your busy life and give it to Yoga. It will solve your problems to a great extent.

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This week is coming for you in the beginning with some mental problems and health problems. You have to be a little conscious about your health, especially if you are doing any work. Whatever it is mental or physical, definitely set a limit on it because if you go over the limit then you may have to bear the brunt of it too. You will have a very good day in the family life. Your social status is also seen to be very good and strong. This week is also going to be very good for you for love affairs. There will be some confusion in business areas as well. Before taking any decision, you must take advice from an expert or knowledgeable, then you will get better results. You seem to be getting good luck's support. Along with this, you are also seeing possibilities of getting new jobs. Some more new things will be added to your work which is much better for you. Your investment is also looking very good at this time. Surely the investment will prove beneficial for you in the future. By worshiping Lord Shankar and wearing Rudraksha, your week is going to be very good.

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This week the lord of your zodiac Jupiter is retrograde in Capricorn and is in conjunction with Saturn. It is a very good yoga as it is second to its zodiac sign. Certainly, you are seeing the possibilities of getting a lot of support and a lot of benefits financially and family. But health can be a little weak, if you want to avoid health-related problems, then you do not have to worry too much. This week, the hard work is also going to be very much, definitely you will make some better efforts, which will benefit you in future. The house of profit is very good at this time. You are also getting the support of fate in a very good way. This week, you may get a huge profit post or award from the government or from a well-known organization. There are chances of you having some religious or even foreign trip this week. You will spend this week very well by worshiping Lord Surya.

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This week is going to be very exciting and full of enthusiasm for you. Due to the position of Saturn with Jupiter in its zodiac, a very positive situation remains. There is some concern about health and socially also, there is a slight decrease in your status, but in future all these things will also be much better. Due to Saturn being with Jupiter, bitterness is visible in some of your old friends with whom you have had a long relationship. Due to the position of Rahu and Moon in Taurus, mental confusion as well as discord in the family and some problems in relationship with lover are also visible. The support of fate will save you from all these things to a great extent. You will take part in a lot of creative work, which will be appreciated a lot. It may take some time for the benefits to come. You will get benefits by worshiping the planet Mercury and worshiping Lord Ganesha.

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This week may remain peaceful and somewhat loose in health. There is also a slight estrangement in the family, especially in the married life. You seem dissatisfied with your work in the workplace and your mind may get distracted, you will need to work a little more. Your time will be moderate financially. Socially also, time will be moderate, you can take a big decision in which luck will support you very well. Chances of thinking about your future plans are also visible. There is also a possibility of meeting a big officer class or a big person. Your week will be spent very well by worshiping Lakshmi Narayan.

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This week is very beneficial for you and especially you can get much better benefits in the field of work. If you have been thinking of doing some new work for a long time, then now is the right time to give a creative look to that work. Financially also this time is very good for you and you are likely to get good profit from business. Your position in society will be much better at this time and you are also seeing possibilities of getting a lot of respect and respect socially. You need to give a little time in married life, maybe due to not giving time, you may have to face the problems in married life. Your house of profit is very good at this time. You are definitely likely to get a much better profit. In health, especially if you are seeing some disease related to stomach, then you have to pay attention to cleanliness. Worshiping Hanuman ji will definitely benefit you a lot and your week will be spent very well. Read Pisces Yearly Horoscope 2022 here


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