Weekly Horoscope 2021 - 04 October to 10 October


If we observe the planets in Aries this week, then the Moon is very strong in Leo Rashi. The position of Jupiter and Saturn is in the place of Karma, which is much better. Overall, the presence of all the planets is being made in the five houses of the horoscope, which forms an auspicious yoga named Kedar. According to astrology, this week is going to be very good for Aries. Your decisions in the field of work will also be very good and decisions taken with steady intellect will be very beneficial for you in future. You will have to face some problems in the field of family and money, but you will also get a lot of help from your friends and the relationships you have made with good behavior. You should not give excessive attention to luxury, due to which you may face some financial problems. You also need to take care of your health. Enemies may be a bit harsh on you but you will definitely give them a good answer as well. Respect your elders and elders, surely this week will be very good for you.

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This week the exalted Rahu in Taurus will confuse you. But this week will also give you some new opportunities at the same time. Your morale will be high. The position of Moon in the fourth house is very strong. You will have very good control over the family and you will also have a lot of respect. In the fifth house, the Raja Yoga of Mars, Sun and Mercury is being formed. It is a very good time for the students. You are likely to get benefits in higher education. You will also get strong support from the other side in the field of love. Your progress in the field of relationship will be much better for you. You will get the support of luck in abundance, problems can definitely come in some business. You should worship Lord Shani and chant this mantra Om Pram Prem Praum Sam Shanishcharaya. Surely this week will be very good for you.


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The zodiac lord Mercury is sitting in the house of happiness this week, which can be said to be a very good sign. This week is going to be very much spent in your pleasures and entertainment activities. Most of your time is going to be spent among family, friends and lovers. Due to your good nature in the society too, your very good health needs attention. There is also a possibility of traveling abroad. Along with this, some financial pressure is also seen coming on you. But you will definitely get out of it, the effect of luck will be medium work. There are some worries in your mind about the future as well. There may be some difficulty in getting the desired result from the work area. The business and practical area is quite good. Worship Lord Shankar by chanting Om Namah Shivaya Mantra, this week is going to be very good for you.

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Due to the position of Cancer zodiac lord Moon in the second house, this week is going to be spent among your financial contemplation and family members. It will be a very enjoyable time, if you are from the field of politics, then this time is very good for you to increase your flowers. Your hold in the society is going to get stronger and your words are definitely going to have a very good effect on the people. The attractiveness of your words is going to be very good, but you have to keep in mind that you do not have to say anything that will cause you any problem in future. Due to Venus Ketu being in Scorpio, you may become a victim of slight irritability internally. It's a great time for business. You are getting full support of fate. You will get new sources of money, this week is going to be very good for you.

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This week will start with your new determination and confidence. Both your mind and intellect will work in the same direction which will be very special. Time is also very positive for money family. There will be conversations about your work in the family and you may get nothing but responsibilities. Family support will always be with you. Your hard work is also going to be a lot this week and surely its result will be sweet. Your health is going to be very good. You are going to be greatly appreciated in the field and you will get positive benefits of your hard work. Luck will support you well. Overall, this week is going to be very beneficial for you. You should recite Hanuman Chalisa daily and worship Hanuman ji.

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Mercury being in Virgo with Mars and Sun is not beneficial for you. Mercury is a divine planet, with which it also comes in conjunction, it starts giving the same kind of effect. The effect of Mars and Sun will prove to be very good for you. The decisions you make will be very good, will be positive and will be of great benefit to you. Somewhere you and the people associated with you will get a lot of positive benefits. Due to the position of Venus and Ketu in the karmic house, you may have to face some problems in the society. Decisions taken only on the basis of intelligence can trouble you. The presence of Saturn and Jupiter in the fifth house is definitely pointing towards some problems related to the clean world. Especially if you are a student, then you may have to face some problems in education. The benefit of luck will remain low for you, but you will definitely get the fruits of your hard work. You should worship Lakshmi Ganesh ji and chant this mantra Om Gam Ganapataye Namah, surely you will get very good benefits.

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Libra sign Venus is weighing this week in the scales of profit and loss along with Ketu in Scorpio. It can be said that this week will be mixed for you. You will also get many pleasant experiences and some difficult struggles will also be seen. Moon is in the eleventh house in Leo, the struggle you have and what you want to see is profit, but you are not getting the benefits the way you should and you will have to work hard somewhere. You may also get some luxury items. You can buy a good car, but some expenses are also increasing for you. Luck's support will be moderate for you and there may be some problems in health too. In particular, you may also have complaints of digestive system problems and some pain in the back. You have to worship Lord Ganesha and recite Ganesh Chalisa, surely this week will be very good for you.

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This week is going to be very good for you in the field of work. You are seeing full possibilities of getting promoted financially in your work. Due to the workload, there may also be a negative effect on health. Especially headache, anxiety and irritability can bother you. Toothache can also cause trouble for you. Your friends will be helpful in getting you some big and best benefits or you can be friends with a big officer. The area of ​​business is going to be very good this week. Family life will also be satisfactory, this week most of your work and future plans for work are likely to be out in all these. But along with this you also have to take care of your health. You have to add some yoga or exercise in your life. Wearing white pearls will give peace to your mind; the week will be normal for you.

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This week is going to be stable and moderate for you. There may be some event in the family which keeps running in the race of life, due to which you may be a little busy. There is also yoga for some journeys. You have to pay special attention to the eyes, you are seeing the possibility of some problems in the eyes. Your hard work in the workplace will give you benefits. You seem to be getting very good support of fate. Enemies will keep a distance from you at this time, because your influence is going to keep them far away from you. At this time your fame will remain in the society, your name will be discussed and you can also take advantage of this time. Worship Lord Surya, chant Gayatri Mantra, this week will pass in your moderate way.

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Saturn and Jupiter are sitting in your zodiac. It is a very good time for you, you will also have to work hard and make the right decisions. But the strong foundation of your future starts from here. This time is going to prove to be a milestone in your life. You may have to take some big decisions at many places. Your own people can also confuse you, but you have to come out of all these things. The profit that you were getting for a long time, even a little bit, now there is a possibility of some break. But there should not be any panic in your mind as it will be for few days only. Your luck is fully supporting you. There may be slight weakness in will power. Moon in the 8th house can make you mentally weak. But for this you should worship Lord Shankar and if possible wear a Rudraksha. His positive influence will make your life very good, this week will be good.

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This week may bring you some contradictions and concerns in business. Somewhere, mentally and financially, some trouble will keep worrying you throughout the week. If you will seek some peace in your family or married life to avoid this, then you may have to face some problems there too. The best thing would be that you do not get involved with anyone unnecessarily and do not push anything too far. Speaking as little as possible, even in the field of work, you are not getting and seeing any very special benefit at this time. The belief you have in yourself will definitely be much better for you in the future. You should worship Lord Shani Dev this week. Along with going to the temple of Ganesh ji, one should recite Ganesh Chalisa. With these measures, this week will be normal for you.

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This week is going to be spent in your very entertaining enthusiasm and self-reflection. You are seeing the possibilities of getting many types of benefits this week. You will also get many types of benefits through your education. Along with this, you are also seen getting many types of benefits from business and job. Your mind will be a bit dissatisfied but still you will spend more time in concentrating yourself. Whatever you say at this time, everyone will listen carefully to that thing and will also implement it. Luck seems to be getting you sometime support. There may be some estrangement between siblings, but in the end your own coin will be the enemy. Enemies may dominate you for some time. You should worship Maa Durga. Durga Chalisa should be recited or Durga Bisa Kavach should be established at home. Surely you will get a lot of profit, this week will go very well.

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