Weekly Horoscope, 11 to 17 October 2021: Check Your Zodiac


In the beginning of the planet Saturn is Virgo. With Mercury and the Sun potentially likely to occur. In the middle of the week, there may be some tension, especially regarding work area. Its extra time has been fixed for your home. Mentally you will feel very positive and very good this week. There can also be an event of quick money gain. Chant Om Namo Narayan Mantra. Worshiping Krishna Vishnu in every morning.

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Rahu in Taurus will give you mental worries and troubles. Something like this is happening. As the fifth house is strong, your decisions are definitely going to take you in the direction of profit. You have to focus on your relationship and business at this time. Along with this, attention also needs to be paid to love life. You are getting full support of fate. But sitting on 100% luck is also not a good thing. If you do not do any big deal in business in which a lot of your money is being borrowed or you are borrowing, then it will be good. Leave the big decisions to the time to come, I will benefit you. Om Mahalakshmi Namah: Chant this mantra and you will spend this week very well by worshiping Goddess Lakshmi.Online-kundli

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This week is very exciting with you, you will feel a different strength inside you and you will be ready to change a lot in your life. This is a very good time for you to give real shape to the thoughts in which you have been lost for a long time. If you are planning to buy your home or are planning to setup some new business then the time is very good. You will also need to have some control over your expenses financially. Rahu posited in Taurus can suddenly cost you big expenses. Luck will have moderate support, you should also take some health concerns. Om Shanishcharaya Namah: Chant this mantra, you will get a lot of benefits by worshiping Shani Dev.

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This week seems to be filled with some mental worries and excitement. Something strange is also happening in your personal life. . Over which you have absolutely no control. At this time, you have to move forward with a lot of thinking and understanding. Especially you have to understand your lover, if you do not force anything on him, then it is in your best interest. Socially, your fame spread all around at this time that your friends, relatives and co-workers will give your full support. There is also a possibility of sudden monetary gains and some travels. Some you also need to tread carefully. Because a sudden one can also put profit in trouble.

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This week is definitely a very good chance for you to regain your power. You are also going to get many types of benefits after some struggle in the field. Time is also looking good for investment. But the hard work is going to be a bit more this week. You have to give some time in the family too. You may also have to suffer unusual behavior from some friends. There is a great need to take care of health. Do not bet in a hurry while taking any decision, it can also harm you. Worship Hanuman ji and by reciting Hanuman Chalisa daily, this week will be spent very well for you.

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This week is looking very positive for you. You will have some new decisions and some new ideas will come in your mind, you will also have meetings with some big officials, which is telling a much better situation about your future. You may face competition socially. In personal life also you have to do some work very carefully. And if you are trusting someone then you also need to give some time to him. A hasty decision may trouble you in future. Your support of luck will be moderate. If you give respect to your elders and obey them, then surely this week will be much better for you. You should spend some time in peace, a lot of your problems will end, you should worship Lord Shankar. Chanting Om Namah Shivaya Mantra will give you a lot of benefits.

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This week of yours is going to pass among your family and friends. It is possible. That you will achieve some great position in your family, so that you will also get respect. There may be any dispute or any problem related to ancestral property. You have to act very wisely in that. There is also a possibility of creating an atmosphere of worship in the house. Some things in married life can become a problem for you. Do not take your decision by being deceived by someone, there will be a possibility of harm to you. Expenses are likely to be very high this week. Whatever work you do, definitely take the opinion of others in it, but consider it as much as it is beneficial for you. Worship of Lord Ganesha and Om Ganapataye Namah, you will get a lot of benefit from this mantra.

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Some health-related problems may make you worried this week. In particular, you may have to face some problems related to teeth, some problems related to your face, your self-esteem may also have to face some problems. Do not do such work in the absence of such a thing that you may have to face any big problem in future. In relationships too, you are seeing many types of worries and tensions. But socially your position looks very strong. Along with this, you see many benefits from the work area this week. The support of luck will be moderate to you, there may be enmity with a particular person, so you should talk to other people thoughtfully, donating milk and chanting the moon's mantra will benefit you a lot.

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You may have some special trips this week, which will be of great benefit to you for the future. If you have been trying to travel abroad for a very long time. So it can be said that now the time has come for you to travel abroad. Some works which were stuck for a long time and were not progressing, those works will also move forward. You are likely to get much better benefits from the work field. Some problems can definitely surround you in personal life. But you will face all kinds of problems by dating at this time, you will get full benefit of luck. This week is going to be according to your mind. Worship Lord Surya, by chanting Gayatri Mantra, you will get the desired benefits.

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Due to Saturn being in Capricorn with Jupiter, there can be an increase in expenses. Health concerns can also trouble you this week. Along with this, ideological upheaval in the family can also make you worried internally. At this time, you should give special attention to your work and your family by giving up all kinds of laziness. Some outsider may try to attract you with his thoughts and may give you some trouble in future, then you have to take every decision with thought and understanding. Luck will support you in the field, but it will not be as much in other areas, you will get very good results by worshiping Lord Lakshmi Narayan and this week will be spent normally.

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This week will be a test for you. Your hard work is going to happen this week and you may have to prove yourself in two ways. On one hand, all your abilities will be tested, as well as mental problems you may also have to face. Rahu in Taurus can trouble you in many ways. You have to do some work very carefully in your personal life as well. Some decision has to be taken, but this week your luck is going to support you completely. Along with this, you will also get many types of benefits, you can also get good benefits in property. If you belong to the field of education, you are likely to get good benefits from there as well. Worship Lord Ganesha, you will be very good by wearing emerald gem.

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This week is going to be very special for you. You will definitely get what you have been looking forward to for a long time. You are seeing the possibilities of getting many types of benefits, which include economic progress, educational progress and social progress. Your relations with family will be sweet, you will be seen very well in the society, you will get respect, there are many chances of increase in business. Luck's support will be moderate for you. It is very important to think before taking any big decision in business. If you are caught in any greed, you may face problems in future. Worship Hanuman ji and by reciting Sunderkand, this week is going to be much better for you.

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