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Vijaya Ekadashi 2024 - Ekadashi festival is a great festival celebrated in Hinduism. May this Ekadashi always give you victory in the struggle of life whether it is a matter of business or competition, whether it is a matter of health or career, you live in any condition. There is no doubt that you see people celebrating Vijaya Ekadashi all around you. Vijaya Ekadashi is the greatest of all Ekadashis that are celebrated in Hinduism. According to the Vedas and Puranas, there are 24 Ekadashi in Hinduism. Devotees worship the lord Vishnu and observe fast on Ekadashi. Vijaya Ekadashi is also one of those Ekadashi. If you find that you are struggling in life and victory is far away from you, then you should keep fast on this Ekadashi, it will lead you to the path of progress in any situation.

There are many beliefs in Hinduism behind celebrating Vijaya Ekadashi which are as follows

There are many beliefs in Hinduism behind celebrating Vijaya Ekadashi. In some Upanishads, it is written that Lord Krishna had told Dharmaraja Yudhishthira about the story of all Ekadashi. And he had also told Dharmaraja Yudhishthira about the importance of Vijaya Ekadashi.


 Vijaya Ekadashi is related to victory in any field, if you want your victory in any field then you should worship Lord Shri Ram. Chanting of Mantra Om Ram Ramaya fulfills all your desires. The number 11 is considered auspicious, so whenever you worship Lord Vishnu on Ekadashi, offer him 11 incensed sticks, 11 bananas and one eleven laddus, and eleven flowers.

 The person who wants to progress in his career must keep a fast on Vijaya Ekadashi, if you chant Vishnu Sahasranama after worshiping properly, then you get the blessings of the Lord Vishnu.

 Fasting on Vijaya Ekadashi is considered to be the best to get rid of debt and, for home peace.

Vijaya Ekadashi 2024 Fasting Date and Parana Timing

Vijaya Ekadashi - Thursday, March 07th, 2024 To On March 08th
Parana (breaking the fast) - From 08:01 am 09:13 am
The time of completion of Hari Vasar on the day of Paran Tithi -08:01 am
Ekadashi date starts -March 07 , 2024 at 04:14 am
Ekadashi date ends -March 8 , 2024 at 01:20 am

Vijaya Ekadashi Puja Vrat Story

There is a religious story behind why Vijaya Ekadashi is celebrated. In ancient times, when Lord Rama's wife Sita was kidnapped by Ravana and taken to Lanka, then Rama reached the shore of the sea in search of Sita. Lord Rama wanted to go across the sea with his army to Lanka so that he could free Mother Sita from the bondage of Ravana. But it was not that easy because the biggest obstacle in their way was the vast sea which was spreading for more than 100 km and was roaring fiercely. Lord Rama worshiped the ocean for 3 days but he did not find any solution. All army seemed to be impossible to reach Lanka by crossing the sea. Then some sages told Lord Rama about Vijaya Ekadashi which paves all the inaccessible and difficult paths. Lord Rama worshiped Lord Vishnu with all the rituals with close meditation. His fast was over. According to the ancient legend, it is believed that due to the effect of Vijaya Ekadashi, Lord Rama could cross the sea with his army and defeat Ravana. The work which seemed very difficult and impossible became easy due to the effect of Vijaya Ekadashi. Since then people worship Lord Shri Hari with great devotion on the auspicious day of Vijaya Ekadashi and get the blessings of Lord Vishnu by observing fast. Lord Shri Ram celebrated Vijaya Ekadashi on Krishna Paksha of Phagun month and since then this Ekadashi started being celebrated on Krishna Paksha of Phagun month.


Fasting Method and Rituals of Vijaya Ekadashi 2024

On the day of Vijaya Ekadashi, devotees should proceed towards worship and fasting only after becoming clean and pure. Lord Vishnu likes the yellow color very much, so he should be worshiped with yellow flowers. If you want a better effect of Vijaya Ekadashi, then you must donate food and drink to the people. You should start the worship after making an altar and setting an earthen pot on it. It is considered very auspicious. Before joining the puja, a resolution of the fast has to be taken and the puja is started. The story of Vijaya Ekadashi is told. Any sweet which is made of milk can be offered to Lord Vishnu in Bhog. Worship of Lord Vishnu is considered incomplete without Tulsi leaves, hence lamps are lit in front of the Tulsi plant in the evening. If you worship Lord Vishnu as well as Goddess Lakshmi, then you never have to face poverty in life.

Aarti of God must be done before eating fruit. Devotees should always chant the mantras of Vishnu Sahasranama and Om Namo Vasudevaya. You can also get bhajan kirtan done according to your capacity. Donating to the needy and providing them food comes under the category of charity. Devotees should not lack in this. Understanding that the world is absorbed in God and feeding and giving charity to people is dedicated to God himself. The festival of Vijaya Ekadashi should be celebrated with great pomp and gaiety.

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