Seven Horses Painting – Vastu Facts About Painting of Seven Horses

A positive and prosperous environment in your home not only increases your productivity but is also beneficial for your success and mental peace. Having seen any picture your mind visualizes the situation of sorrow and happiness. Paintings of seven horses have prevalent uses in houses and offices. The exact place of a painting of seven horses is a matter of significance that everyone wants to know. The painting of seven horses is very auspicious at your home and offices to feel positive vibrations, energy, and success. According to Vastu Shastra, this painting depicts success and power. Both are symbolic gestures of living life in happiness and fulfillment. If you have this painting of seven horses you will feel dynamism and a supernatural religious temperament within yourself. But, the direction and location of hanging this painting are equally important to consider.

Number seven is considered very promising from the astrological point of view. It has a spiritual and scientific reason as well. As you know, there are seven days a week. There are seven notes in music. Natural science Physics has seven letters. In Hindu weddings, couples take seven vows in seven rounds.


According to the Vastu Shastra, you must be aware of certain facts about the painting of seven horses.

  • You should not hang this picture in your bedroom or beside the toilet area. It is not considered promising at all to have the benefits of Vastu in your house.

  • The painting of seven horses depicts motion, energy, and success in your career so, you must verify the color and number of horses.

  • If you find a painting of seven horses looks dreadful any reason you should not hang painting on your wall.
  • It is the incumbent number of horses that should be less than seven. Otherwise, it will have the opposite effect.
  • A painting of seven running horses should be visible clearly from their top to bottom and, running posture is equally important.
  • Take the advice from your Vastu expert to hang the painting in the right direction.

Know the perfect place to hang the painting of running seven horses

If you hang your painting in your home or offices in the south or east direction it is considered very auspicious, according to the Vastu experts. It aggravates your energy level and brings prosperity and success. If you are working professionals, it will be the cause of out-of-turn promotion and lucrative salary offers. Those people who want name and popularity may choose the north direction also. You will find the whole atmosphere of your house and office full of positivity with killing the ill effects of evil eyes. You should not choose those places which are already customized for rest and sluggishness. The place which aggrandizes the grandiosity of the seven running horses painting are well-considered.


If you possess the painting of running seven horses you get multiple benefits according to the Vastu Shastra

  • The picture is the symbolic grand gesture of the lord sun who is the centre of this existence, moving on his great chariot attached with seven vibrant powerful horses. As you know, the sun is the supreme master of all other planets and celestial bodies so, it controls the life circle of every living species.
  • Life is motion and, if you don’t have motion, you are dead so, the running horses represent the dynamic power of life that comes from moving or motion. It increases your intrinsic capabilities and energies from the youthful vigour of freshness.
  • Money makes the world go round and, each person is money hungry. The painting of running seven horses brings affluence and prosperity to your life by putting positive vibes inside you and your family.
  • The painting of running seven horses enables you to get success and fulfilment in each aspect of life. It is a clear demonstration of power and vitality which are the essential components for power success and fame.

According to the Vastu experts, seven horses represent your success, marriage life, health, career, children, popularity, and knowledge respectively. It will keep open every gate of opportunity in your life.


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