Dumbest Zodiac Signs Ranked As Per Astrology

What is your power can be your weakness if you don’t use it wisely? Here we have a brief introduction of zodiac signs natives who behave in a foolish manner very often.


Your ego kills you. Leo natives command attention and dominance. You are so obsessed with power and attention that your behaviour seems to be foolish and unethical. In the illusion of power and attention, you do many foolish activities. These acts seem to be useless and stupid. Your self-centred attitude closes your mind and, the more ego you have the dumber you are. Fire is your element so; your confidence and aggression induce people. If you speak through your action rather than pride and false ego, it would be better for your personality.


Overthinking is the leading cause of your stupidity because you miss the train. It is an adage “indecision is also a decision”. You are excessively touchy and emotional so, you take everything personally. Your emotional responses blur your vision. A confused movement severely hampers the execution of your idea and, you seem to be the dumb and duffer. Water is your element so, emotion in your responses is your basic instinct. It is your power and weakness too.

Do not forget that controlled emotion is your power too. If you overcome your emotional outburst, you may acquire emotional intelligence. No other natives of the Zodiac sign may beat you while dealing with people emotionally and rationally.



Sagittarius people are self-intelligent but, this virtu becomes a flaw of their personality traits. You are so obsessed with your feeling and an imaginary world that you cannot anticipate what is going on in the long run. A sad and inward feeling makes you blind for the whole world. You live in illusion and, reality slaps you hard. You can’t withstand any adverse circumstance in this way. So, you are second in position in this list of the dumbest zodiac sign.

If you come out of this imaginary world and deal with a practical approach, life will be different and full of hope.


Aries is third in this rank of the dumbest zodiac sign. Your fragile attitude and aggressive behaviourcannot let you handle the situation seriously. You do not realize the gravity of circumstances and the seriousness of the matter. People are reluctant to give you any responsibility which has a high stake. A little madness and dereliction of duty make you half an artist. If you control this fragile gesture of yours, you can be ultimate. Fire is your element so, aggression, excitement, and dominance in your nature are natural.


Libra natives are not that much dumb that they commit mistakes deliberately. Lack of courage and conviction is their demerits of personality. Your puritanical approach always clouds your vision. You are unable to find opportunity in disguise and the long perspective of life. You are momentary and, so are your behaviours. You can’t stand up in a situation that requires immediate urgency due to fear and guilt.

You are advised not to chase perfection in every walk of life because if you are imperfect, you are perfectly imperfect.



Taurus natives are just like an obstinate mule. Your insistence to do the same thing despite inappropriate and irrelevant makes you the dumbest zodiac sign. As you know, imagination rules the world and, you can’t see beyond your limited horizon. Emotionally you are ruthless and fragile. If you have trust and rapport in a relationship, you may give your entire world. Your obsession turns into madness when you come out in the real world. The foolish and childish behaviours always let you down and, you can’t judge the people and situation rationally.

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