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Shattila Ekadashi 2025: It is a substantial question when you will break your fast? The ritual which includes breaking the fast is called Parana. You are not supposed to break your fast the same day as Shattila Ekadashi. The breaking of fast the next day of Ekadashi is considered auspicious according to Hindu Mythology. The day is called Dwadashi. The result of doing Shattila Ekadashi seems to be obscure if you break your fast even earlier than Dwadashi.  Now we come which time duration of Dwadashi is the best to break your fast? You should break your fast early in the morning the next day of Shattila Ekadashi. Devotees wake up early in the morning. They take a bath and go to worship the Lord Vishnu before Parana (breaking the fast).

 Here is a great suggestion if you belong to a family, you may break your fast the same day as Shattila Ekadashi especially in the evening. The two days of Ekadashi are auspicious for sages, widows, and for the people who are thriving for the salvation of their spirits. Salvation is a state of the life cycle when a spirit gets liberated from the bondage of birth and death due to the grace of Lord Shri Hari Vishnu. If you do this Ekadashi with great devotion following every ritual highly puritanical way you get the tremendous blessings of God. The lord Vishnu gives them a great supreme position in his place Vaikunth where he resides. Know the auspicious date and timing of Shattila Ekadashi 2025 below:

Shattila Ekadashi 2025 Fasting Date and Shubh Muhurat Timings

Shattila Ekadashi: Saturday, January 25, 2025 To On January 16th
Parana (breaking the fast) - From 06:15 am 09:21 am
Dwadashi ends on the day of Paran Tithi - 08:55 p.m.
Ekadashi Tithi Start - January 24, 2025 at 07:25 pm
Ekadashi Date Ends - January 25, 2025 at 08:23 pm

Fasting Story of Shatila Ekadashi

The story related to Shatila Ekadashi belongs to ancient times.   There was a lady Brahmin who used to live in a village. She was a great devotee of Lord Vishnu. So, she would do every Vrat-Puja wholeheartedly. She worshiped God with uttermost sincerity and devotion. The Brahmin lady would follow every ritual without compromising the situation. But she was a bit reluctant to give food to any beggar who would come to her door. One such time she continued fasting for one month. Her body become frail due to lack of proper nutrition; however, the body became pure due to persistent fast for the Lord Vishnu.


God became pleased to see her extreme devotion. She was a true possessor of Baikunth. Despite having salvation, she was unable to have peace. She did not do any charity of food during her fast and it was an obstacle on her way to go to Baikunth. First, she had to do charity of food and the lord Vishnu himself went her home to take alms. Lord Vishnu himself gave her a chance to follow her destiny as Baikunth. The old lady gave a lump of clay to the beggar. After the donation of the lump of clay every stuff related to food became clay of her house. Whatever she touched to eat became clay. It was a depressing moment for her. She started living in starvation and her body became emaciated due to lack of eating.

 She worshiped Lord Vishnu to protect herself. The lord Vishnu came into her dream and told her that it was the result of her Karma. You donated a lump of clay to a starved beggar so you would be living a starving life due to the sin of Karma. she was a great devotee of the Lord Vishnu so he sought a solution for her to come out of the curse. He told her to donate food to everyone who is seeking food on her door. Apart from the donation of food and edibles he further told her to observe the Shattila Ekadashi Vrat.  She did the Shattila Ekadashi Vrat with high religious faith and gained everything in return for this auspicious Vrat-Puja. She got the supreme position in Vishnuloka after her demise.

Rituals of Shattila Ekadasi Fasting or Vrat 2025

  • Devotees who do Shattila Ekadashi should have an early bath in the morning and wear clean clothes.
  • A wooden lad is convenient to install an idol of the Lord Vishnu on it.
  • It may be an idol or Picture anything representing God.
  • Devotees must keep chanting the mantras of Vishnu Sahasranam during the Vrat-Puja. The chanting mantra of Om Namo BhagwateVasudevaya is also fruitful.
  • The Bhog which is offered to God may be fruits, milk, or any sweet.
  • Tulsi leaves are essential for worshiping the god because the Vrat-Puja is incomplete without Tulsi leaves.
  • Aarti is done in the evening to chant Mantras of the Lord Vishnu.
  • As a devotee, if you consume Sesame seeds you may be a fortunate one.
  • If you bestow sesame mixed urad khichdi to the lord Vishnu it is considered auspicious.
  • Fast on ShattilaEkadshi depends on your capacity if you find it unbearable you may have a light meal in the form of milk or fruits.

Why Pepoles doing Fasting on Shattila Ekadashi?

Shattila Ekadashi is very auspicious according to Hindu Mythology. Devotees get profuse blessings of God Vishnu in terms of wealth, and prosperity. This Vrat of Ekadashi fulfills all human desires of this life and afterlife. The donation, charity, and philanthropy are special virtues that have some extramundane effect afterlife. You will be living a prosperous and affluent life till you are alive. Whatever you feed poor people they give blessings in return, and you become a fortunate person due to the grace of the God Vishnu.


If you donate sesame seeds on this auspicious occasion you will get the immense blessings of the God Vishnu. According to Hindu mythology, there are six types of sesame donations which are considered equal to thousands of years of worship altogether. First, you must mix sesame seeds in water and use them during your bath. Devotees also do tilak of sesame seeds and consume on Shattila Ekadashi. You may drink sesame mixed water also. Using sesame seeds in Hawan is also considered very auspicious.

You will be liberated from all sins which have been committed unwillingly by doing Shattila Ekadashi 2025.

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