Ram Navami 2024 – Ram Navami Festival Date and Muhurat 2024

Ram Navami is celebrating the birth of Rama in Ayodhya. Ram was Lord Vishnu's incarnation, born to establish truth and compassion in human beings. he was the greatest figure of all man’s virtues. Rama is known for his impeccable godly image with noble character. He is the epitome of excellence and everybody wants at least a little bit of a trait of him. The date of Ram Navami is not fixed in every state but, it is specially celebrated in Navami of Chaitra month. Chaitra month is the first month of the Hindu Calendar. The Ramayana has been written in various languages and Rama is the God of everyone. So, the date of Ram Navami may vary but it is celebrated in every part of our nation. Chaitra is the month of initiation of Chaitra Navratri. So, it is celebrated as the biggest fair in India. The participation of both festivals with the start of New Year’s Eve makes the time full of happiness and enthusiasm.

The History Behind Ram Navami Festival

The lord Rama is dearer to all. Devotees get the blessing of longevity, wealth, and peace in their life. His life is a true example of the victory of virtue over sin. Rama killed Ravan who was a demon king. Ravana abducted his wife Sita and refused to return. As a result, the lord Rama killed Rawana including all his dynasty, and emerged as a true warrior. Rama was an ideal husband, obedient son, and kind brother. He took care of his subject by all means and his justice was without any impartiality. So, Rama is the most respected and revered human being of entire mankind.


Devotees usually chant the holy scriptures of the Ramayana on the auspicious occasion of Ram Navami. They also recite the Ramcharitmanas and get assembled to hear the religious story of Ram-Lla. 

Tradition of Ram Navami Festival

You clean your house and install the idol of Rama. you get up early in the morning and have a bath. It is called, “Cleanliness is next to godliness.” You also decorate the whole place of worship with flowers. Doing prayer and reciting the story of the Ramayana can make you blissful. If you observe fast, you should take care of the cleanliness of your mind and body. Devotees may have mild fast also. But they should not have any spicy or concentrated food. You are doing prayer and worship so following all rituals is essential for the grace of God. Many devotees chant the mantras of Rama all day long. You will get a huge gathering of worshippers and devotees in your vicinity where there is the temple of Shree. Ram or Hanuman. Ayodhya is the birthplace of Rama so it becomes a centre of attraction for the whole nation. The festival of Ram Navami is celebrated with the uttermost zest and enthusiasm.

Ram Navami 2024 Date and Puja Muhurat

 It is an astrological notion that includes the birthday of Rama around the 17th of April 2023, 515 B.C. Here is a different opinion because Rama was born on the 9th of Chair. So the celebration of the festival of Ram Navami falls this month of Chaitra. The birthday of Rama is Navami Tithi in Shukla Paksha of Chaitra month. It is considered the time of birth was Mid-point of the morning to noontime.

Ram Navami Festival Date - 17th April 2024, Wednesday

Ram Navami Muhurat :11:03 Morning to 01:38 Afternoon
Duration: 2 Hours 35 Minutes
Ram Navami Madhyahna Moment: 12:21 PM

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