Mental Health Disorder As Per The Planets in Astrology

There are 3 components of mental health:

  1. Mind
  2. Intelligence
  3. Wisdom

The mind is represented by moon, its placement, condition and afflictions in the birth chart. It is the ability of a person to be able to orient or relate to a situation. Empathy, understanding, emotions, attachments are governed by moon. Intelligence is represented by mercury, its position, placement, condition and afflictions in a chart. Mercury is the ability to comprehend, think, plan and act logically which may or may not be always correct but is logical. Wisdom is represented by Jupiter, its position, placement, condition and affliction in a chart. Jupiter is the ability to distinguish right from wrong, best course of action, ability of reasoning and management.


Affliction of two or more of these 3 planets, lagna, 5th and 9th houses, placement of these planets in dusthanas, can lead to mental health issues, which may not always be clearly evident but may get uncovered/unmasked under stressful circumstances. It is important for the dasha, antardasha of the afflicted planets to be running or an unfavourable transit of Saturn or rahu at that time for the manifestations to occur.

If Your Moon is Under Bad Placement?

Bad placement: Alone, in 6th, 8th, 12th houses, in Kemdruma yoga, debilitation or enemy signs, weak in paksha bal, can lead to an unstable, doubtful, indecisive, weak mind.

Afflictions: In conjunction with malefic planets

Moon with Saturn: commonly known as Vish yoga, also meaning that the person was running period of sadesati at the peak when he/she was born, can lead to severe depression, especially if this combination is also occurring in a bad house, combine with dasha of either planet

Moon with Rahu: Phobias, unfounded fears, crafty or wicked mind

Moon with ketu: Inability to set clear goals, sudden and abrupt decisions,

If Your Mercury is Under Bad Placement?

Bad placement: In debilitation or enemy signs, can lead to gullible nature, a person who can be fooled or conned easily

Afflictions: In conjunction with malefics

Mercury with Saturn: though they are friends, Saturn can slow down mercury, leading to low IQ, mental retardation or deaf mutism

Mercury with rahu: Both are friends and are fast, impatient planets, can lead to anxious personality, hysterical, malingering, manic disorders

Mercury with mars: Mutual enemies, this combination can lead to very sharp mind, speech or writing, depending on the house they are placed. However, this can lead to socially inappropriate behaviour if not used with wisdom

If Your Jupiter is Under Bad Placement?

Bad placement: In debilitation sign

Afflictions: In conjunction with malefics

Jupiter with rahu: Worst affliction for Jupiter, as rahu completely destroys jupiter’s wisdom. Unable to distinguish between good and evil, especially if placed in a bad house too.

Jupiter with sun: They are friends but when placed in close degrees, jupiter’s qualities become combust and ineffective

When all these 3 planets are afflicted or placed in unfavourable conditions, coupled with dasha of these planets and bad transits, person can suffer from one or more mental disorders.

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