Jupiter Transit 2021 Effects and Remedies

Jupiter Transit 2021 Effects and Remedies

Jupiter or Guru (As we call it in Hindi) is a beloved planet to astrology, a prime member of the Stellium. The planet was seeking some freedom while in Capricorn and sharing a roof with Saturn. So this year, it has decided to visit Aquarius, untethered in the first week of April. A transiting Jupiter in Aquarius will be passing through the 10th house and aspects Mars in the 2nd house. Speculating astrologists believe that Jupiter remains in Aquarius until September 15th, after which, it will retrograde and enter Capricorn. By November 20th, the planet will visit Aquarius once again. It brings a plethora of changes in the lives of earthlings.

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Jupiter Transit 2021 Effects on Aries

Starting with Aries, we witness monetary gains during the first transition period. During the retrograde of Jupiter, Aries is likely to hit a snag at the workplace encouraging them to keep at it. By the end of the year, a blissful shift in the success of married life and wealth could be possible.

Astrological Remedy: Apply Saffron Tilak on your forehead in the morning.

Jupiter Transit 2021 Effects on Taurus

For Taurus, chances to experience a bittersweet contrast between work and life. Family time brings peace and happiness while work may become stressful. This is cushioned when Jupiter is retrograde by bringing an auspicious period.

Astrological Remedy: On Thursday, give food to Brahmins and Pandits.


Jupiter Transit 2021 Effects on Gemini

For Gemini, a transitioning Jupiter brings a fine and joyful relationship leading to monetary gains as well. During the retrograde, some hindrances in health provide motivation work on maintaining well-being and caring for you. The final transition of Jupiter enhances luck and success.

Astrological Remedy: On Thursday, offer Chana Dal, Gram Lentil, and turmeric to the banana tree.

Jupiter Transit 2021 Effects on Cancer

Emotional Cancer, there is power in career, finance, and relationships due to the Jupiter transition. Concerns in health will be resolved by the second transition after retrograde. Improved focus on health is seen and the return of lent money is plausible.

Astrological Remedy: Feed Chana Dal to the cow.

Jupiter Transit 2021 Effects on Leo

The lion, Leo. Blooming love life and respect at the workplace dictate the first transition which has positive effects on the income. Successfully paying off debt is a likely outcome of the retrograde but Leo needs to be careful about increasing expenses.

Astrological Remedy: Worship Peepal tree and offer water to it.

Jupiter Transit 2021 Effects on Virgo

Virgo experiences academic elevation and attains success in competitive ventures. This could potentially lead to higher expectations and some mental health dilemmas. During the end of 2021, a financial crunch may be experienced.

Astrological Remedy: Feed green vegetables and wheat seeds to the cow.

Jupiter Transit 2021 Effects on Libra

Libra may experience a similar fortune as Virgo with an additional possibility of marriage and children. Financial crises will be resolved by the end of the year and the capability of facing critical situations and decision making improve.

Astrological Remedy: Worship banana tree and apply turmeric tilak to it on Thursday.

Jupiter Transit 2021 Effects on Scorpio

For Scorpio, there is an opportunity of investing in property or real estate and the retrograde of Jupiter brings to travel. A shift in luck favours you to attaining wealth. The end of the year also brings an end to tensions in the family.

Astrological Remedy: Wear yellow sapphire or Pukhraj in your index finger on Thursday.

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Jupiter Transit 2021 Effects on Sagittarius

Sagittarius, this period brings you motive to continue making efforts in financial life and in turn attain monetary profits. It may be asked of you to act cautiously during the end of the year as income-related prospects come to light.

Astrological Remedy: Wear yellow sapphire or Pukhraj gemstone in your index finger during Shukla Paksha.

Jupiter Transit 2021 Effects on Capricorn

Capricorn may encounter celebrations and auspicious occasions like marriage and childbirth in the family, during the first transition. All efforts will be recognized in the work-life.

Astrological Remedy: Offer food (Khichdi) to needy people or poor people

Jupiter Transit 2021 Effects on Aquarius

Since Jupiter is transitioning in this sign, Aquarius experiences a good outcome in almost all aspects of life which may change during the retrograde period.

Astrological Remedy: Help disables persons by offering money, food, and lots of love.


Jupiter Transit 2021 Effects on Pisces

Pisces may come across a long-distance, work-related journey expecting more efforts. There are strong prospects of wealth gain. However, the end of the year could prove to be slightly overwhelming.

Astrological Remedy: Chant Guru Beej Mantra (oṃ grāṃ grīṃ grauṃ saḥ guruve namaḥ") frequently every morning.

2021 Jupiter Transit Date and Timing 

Jupiter Transit in Aquarius 2021

  • Jupiter Direct in Aquarius: From 6th April 2021 to 20th June 2021
  • Jupiter Retrograde in Aquarius: From 20th June 2021 to 14th September 2021

Jupiter Transit in Capricorn 2021

  • Jupiter Retrograde in Capricorn: From 14th September 2021 to 18th October 2021
  • Jupiter Progressive in Capricorn: From 18th October 2021 to 21st November 2021

To conclude, these shifts between good and bad are a part of our existence, and knowing about them in advance helps in a smoother transition, to live a more fulfilled life.

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