2024 Varuthini Ekadashi Fasting Date, Rituals, and Katha

Varuthini Ekadashi is the most auspicious and virtuous Vrat-Puja among all Ekadashi. Devotees get liberated from all sins and increase the receptivity to acquire bright destiny. According to Hindu mythology, Fasting on Varuthini Ekadashi is considered equal to great philanthropy. If you do this Ekadashi Vrat-Puja with ever-lasting devotion you will get salvation after death. You will secure your place in Baikunth which is a holy place where Lord Vishnu resides. No evil may impede your way of success in this mundane world. The fear of death and the suffering of the agony of life are completely wiped out by doing the fast of Varuthini Ekadashi 2024 Vrat.


Varuthini Ekadashi 2024 Fasting Date and Time

Varuthini Ekadashi: Saturday, April 04, 2024 To On 05th April
Paran (breaking of fast) time - From 05:54 am 08:29 am
Dwadashi ends on the day of Paran Tithi - 05:46 p.m.
Ekadashi date starts - April 03, 2024 at 11:27 pm
Ekadashi date ends - April 04, 2024 at 08:40 pm

Varuthini Ekadashi 2024 Fasting and Vrat Puja Method

Devotees should restrain having any food from the evening time one day before Varuthini Ekadashi. As a devotee, you get up early in the morning on VaruthiniEkadasi and have a bath. You wear clean cloth on this occasion and establish the idol of Lord Vishnu on the wooden lad to sanctify it from the Ganga Jal. It is advisable to arrange all Puja-ingredients beforehand. They are mentioned as yellow clothes for Lord Vishnu, the idol of Shri Vishnu, yellow clothe for Lord Vishnu, incense lamp, coconut, a garland of flowers, betel nut, Akshat, Tulsi leaves, sandalwood, sweet Bhog, and Panchmrit.

You do tilak and lit the lamp. The Lord Vishnu is fond of Tulsi leaves and, his worship is considered incomplete without offering these leaves. If you offer Tulsi garland to Lord Vishnu he gets pleased very easily. Devotees bestow water to the Peepal tree on VaruthiniEkadasi, it is considered very auspicious. It is believed that Lord Vishnu dwells in that tree. You do Aarti and worship Lord Vishnu and, the goddess Lakshmi in the night. You get the blessings of the goddess Lakshi and get unsaturated wealth throughout your life. Yellow color is the signature color of Lord Vishnu so devotees bestow him yellow fruit, yellow-colored sweets containing saffron to him on Varuthini Ekadashi. Devotees feed Brahmin respectfully the next day after doing worship in the morning.


 Varuthini Ekadashi Katha (Story)

There was a King and, his name was Mandhata in ancient times. His kingdom was situated on the bank of the Narmada River. He was a nobility of character and would help his subject beyond the call of duty. Despite having an abundance of wealth, he used to live his life in a self- aesthetic way. He would live his life in religious contemplation and was a great devotee of Lord Vishnu. Once Mandhata was engrossed in the devotion of the worship of the God Vishnu. He was oblivious of whatever happening around him due to his unceasing meditation of God. Suddenly a wild bear appeared in the forest and seeing his pray standstill it started eating his feet. But, king Mandahta did not break his meditation of God and controlled his anger and agony. Having seen his steadfast loyalty, the God Vishnu appeared in front of him and saved his life from the bear. Mandhata was still suffering from the grievous pain of his wounded feet. The Lord Vishnu told Mandhata that his agony of suffering is the result of the sins of his previous life. He told him not to worry about his wrongdoings and ordered him to do the Varuthini Ekadashi in Mathura. Worship the Varaha avatar idol of Lord Vishnu by observing a fast. King Mandhata fasted on the Varuthini Ekadashi and worshipped God. Soon he became liberated from his all sins and become strong and sturdy as before.

Significance of Varuthini Ekadashi 2024

According to the holy scriptures and Vedas, Varuthini Ekadashi has very special significance to get rid of all types of life’s problems and sins. After doing this Ekadashi Vrat devotees get liberated from every sin of his previous life and current life. You become a fortunate person and have a Midas touch in your action. You fast for the whole day and get absorbed completely in the devotion of the supreme God Vishnu. This Ekadashi is considered more virtuous than Kanyadan. You cannot get the blessings of God in that much intensity by doing even gold donation. Devotees have to follow all rituals and do worship, fasting, a charity in a puritanical way. You will have an abundance of wealth throughout your life and, destiny will over-prevail. Every adverse circumstance will be in your own favor. By doing fast and due to the grace of the God Vishnu, devotees do charity and earn absolute libration from the circulation of life and death.


The blessings of the god you get after doing fast on Varuthini Ekadashi 2024

Devotees do VaruthiniEkadasi with great passion and enthusiasm. The unceasing devotion of theGod never let them down in any field. At the time of the solar eclipse in Kurukshetra, the result obtained by donating gold on a platform is similar to that obtained by fasting on Varuthini Ekadashi. You get everything like wealth, family. Health, children, and flourishing career. It is considered equal to more than thousands of years of Vrat-penance simultaneously. You get salvation after death and come out of the vicious cycle of birth and death due to the Varuthini Ekadashi. You all great devotes should do some philanthropy according to your capacity on Varuthini Ekadashi because any donation on this auspicious Ekadashi is considered more than the donation of thousands of cows. According to the great Vedas and scriptures, you get the same blessings after doing Varuthini Ekadashi that you get the blessings Kanyadan. Because no other donation is as big as Kanyadan according to ancient Hindu mythology.

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