Virupaksha Temple – Real Facts of Virupaksha Temple History

Virupaksha Temple, Hampi

India is a country where many languages are spoken. Different languages are spoken in different states of India. Similarly, every state's culture can also be seen differently. But in spite of all of us, we all know that God is the same power, yes his form is definitely different and in each state, his forms are also worshipped differently. Today we are telling you about the same different incarnation of Lord Shiva, worshipped in the state of Karnataka Let's know about that strange form of Lord Shiva . Virupaksha Temple is famous and famous all over India.


Virupaksha Temple Location

This temple is located in Karnataka's Hampi, 300 km from Bangalore. Let us tell you this temple is part of a group of historic monuments which is not only in India but also in the list of world heritage. Indeed, this temple is the second form of Lord Shiva and his wife Devi Panda. It is said about the history of the temple that the temple of Virupaksha Vikramaditya II was built by the queen Lok Mahadevi. The reason behind which was that the queen Lok Mahadevi had asked for a vow for Raja Vikramaditya. After achieving victory over the king of Pallava, Rani constructed a temple of Lord Shiva as a thankless Lord Shiva.


Virupaksha Temple – Worship of Lord Shiva

Virupaksha Temple is in Hampi as it is the center of pilgrimages which is considered to be the most sacred for centuries. This temple is quite old. The place around it has also been transformed into ruins, but the temple is still similar to that and still, there is the worship of Lord Shiva in it.

Lord Shiva's ride in the temple A huge statue of Nandi is also enriched and it remains of stone. On the one hand, the fact is that the idol of the 6.7-meter high statue of Narasimha in the body of a semi-lion and a semi-human is also heritage. Gopuram of the entrance to the Virupaksha temple is surrounded by rocks laid in the Hemkuta hills. Also, tell you that this view of the rocks can surprise you.


Story of Shivalinga kept in the Virupaksha Temple

Let me tell you that there is also a Shivalinga in the temple. During which it is said that being pleased with the devotion of Ravana, Lord Shiva gave a powerful Shivling in the form of blessings, and said that wherever you keep this Shivalinga, it will be displayed right there. So do not put it down in the way. Ravana led Shivalinga, but Ravana had to stay in the path, due to which he handed Shivalinga to a burujug, saying that I am coming, do not put it down. But unfortunately, that bourgeoisie cannot handle Shivling for long and kept Shivling down. What was then, according to Shiva's say, Ravana could not recover Shivling. This is the place where Burjuga kept Shivling. Even today no one can shake this Shivling. To get the blessings of Lord Shiva continuously, devotees keep straining.


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