Ranakpur Jain Temple

Knowing about the temples is like the same religious work which is included in those deeds which have experienced the devotion of God. In the temple of millions of people in the country, of which we find something in our life. Because all of us live in carnage and the reason is that the famous temple, but still many temples are quite far away. But we can help you reach them till you sit at home.

Let us present you to a famous temple which is present in Rajasthan. There is a huge temple named Ranakpur on the valleys of the Aravali Mountain in Rajasthan. It is one of the most famous tourist attraction in Rajasthan where a number of Jain and other devotees visits every year. The magnificence of Ranakpur Jain Temple is quite popular. Jain trader Seth Dhana and Rana Kumba, ruler of Mewar, extend their devotion to the Lord. This temple is one of the five Jain temples. In the temple, the statue of Lord Adinath of the first Jain Tirthankara is displaced and the statue of Lord Rishabh Dev is also installed in the temple.

A glance to the history of the Ranakpur Jain Temple

It is said that this temple was started in 1446 Vikram Samvat and the temple work lasted for 50 years and spent a lot of money and built Ranakpur Jain temple. Tell that at that time this temple was prepared at the expense of about Rs. 1 crore.

At the same time, the responsibility of this temple was given to a trust in 2010. Since then the trust only caters to all the needs of the Ranakpur temple.

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The Attractiveness of the temple

The most important feature of this temple is that there were 1,444 pillars in the temple which is set around the temple. There is a speciality in it that, despite having so many pillars in the Ranakpur temple, there is no obstacle in seeing God. The pillars have been decorated with special shapes. Thereby, the beauty of the temple takes four moons.

Let us tell you that the people who come to the temple for liberation, they get liberation from 84 kanyas and the heart of the Lord goes to this temple.

Here on the marble, there are also the postmarks of Lord Rishabh Dev. People whose eyes only look for. Statue of Lord Adinath in Ranakpur is made of 50 ft on a marble stone. The four doors of the temple, which is why this temple is called the Chaturmukhi Temple.

The story behind Ranakpur temple Name

The story behind the name of this temple is hidden, it is said that Lord Rana Kumbha appeared in a night and in the night, Lord decided to build his temple after seeing the blessings of Rishabh, and hence the temple was named after Rana Kumbha.

People of other religions also come with Jainism to see this holy temple. To see its beauty, take the time in a busy life and be sure to take it.
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