Mangalsutra- A Thread of Love and Tradition

Mangalsutra: Astrological Significance and Secrets

Mangalsutra, not just a piece of jewellery, always a symbol of good luck! This gemstone adorning the neck of Indian women for centuries, is deeply connected to astrological powers, beyond just threads.

Tradition from Ancient Times

Mangalsutra has always been a symbol of good luck for a married woman and the longevity of her husband. In astrology, the planet Mars is considered to be a factor of marriage, happiness, and prosperity of women. The inclusion of astrological gems in Mangalsutra is considered to be a means of calming this planet and getting auspicious results.

Importance of Gems According to Zodiac Signs

According to astrology, auspicious gems are prescribed for each zodiac sign. The inclusion of these gems in Mangalsutra helps in bringing happiness and prosperity in the life of a woman and happiness and peace in married life.


  • Mangalsutra: Gold Mangalsutra with coral stone


  • Mangalsutra: Silver Mangalsutra with pearl stone


  • Mangalsutra: Copper or gold Mangalsutra with emerald stone


  • Mangalsutra: Silver Mangalsutra with fish or sea symbols


  • Mangalsutra: Gold Mangalsutra with ruby ​​stone


  • Mangalsutra: Silver Mangalsutra with emerald stone


  • Mangalsutra: Mangalsutra with diamond stone


  • Mangalsutra: Mangalsutra with coral stone


  • Mangalsutra: Yellow Mangalsutra with topaz stone


  • Mangalsutra: Iron Mangalsutra with blue sapphire stone


  • Mangalsutra: Mangalsutra with onyx stone


  • Mangalsutra: Gold Mangalsutra with coral stone

The Secret of the Thread

Traditionally, Mangalsutra was strung on black or red thread. In astrology, black thread is considered to be the symbol of Saturn, which is the factor of karma and justice. Red thread is considered to be the symbol of Mars.

Things to Keep in Mind While Wearing Mangalsutra

  • Mangalsutra should always be worn near the heart.
  • Consult an astrologer before wearing a mangalsutra.
  • Always keep the mangalsutra clean and pure.
  • Never lend the mangalsutra to anyone.


Mangalsutra is not just a piece of jewellery but a symbol of a woman's good fortune, prosperity, and happiness in her married life. The inclusion of astrological gems makes it even more powerful.

Note: This information is for general information purposes only. Before adopting any astrological remedy, consult a qualified astrologer.

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