Kedarnath Temple - A symbol of trust and Devotion from Centuries

You might have remembered when nature was at the peak of destruction in Uttrakhand especially at Kedarnath know as Kedarnath Dham. Everyone was shattered after the destruction and havoc caused there. The incident in which lakhs of people were killed. It happened in June 2013. Kedarnath was heavily affected by this havoc.

The devotees visit Kedarnath Dham to get the blessing from God. But at that time it became a life-threatening moment for all the devotees as it became very difficult to survive themselves. The trust in God vanished from the devotees. In Kedarnath flood caused great destruction and most of the place was submerged in Ganga River.  But Kedarnath temple was truly an exception in that case. After this big flood and havoc, Kedarnath temple was standing solKedarnathid at his place without any loss. The havoc was so large that most areas of Kedarnath was effected and everyone was thinking Kedarnath temple will get grounded. But it was truly a miracle that nothing happened to the temple. After this incident, the devotion of people towards the temple was increased up to a high extent.

Power and Miracle of this Kedarnath temple

The temple of Lord Shiva is situated at Girija Himalaya on Kedar Peak. This sacred temple is surrounded by mountains from all three sides. On one side there are 22ooo ft high Kedarnath. On the other side, there is Kharchkund mountain which is 21000 ft in height. And the third one is 22000 ft high Bharat Kund mountain. The first Kedareshwar of lord shiva comes under Jyotirling.

This temple is very huge which is 85 ft high, 187 ft long, and 80 ft wide. Its walls are made from the stones of the mountain itself.  It is a strange thing that the temple is constructed between mountains due to which these temples are a symbol of trust and devotion. The place where mountains keep on falling, the presence of an ancient temple is not a small thing.

History of Kedarnath Temple

Kedarnath Temple History - This temple is so ancient which can be seen from its walls. it is being said that this temple is thousands of years old and since then devotees are coming to visit it. In the ancient text, it is written that the carnation of Lord Vishnu- Nar and Narayan used to do austerity on mountains. They wanted to meet Lord Shiva. After seeing their dedication lord Shiva manifested in front of them. Both of them were asked by Shiva to fulfill their wishes in which they asked Shiva to live there in the form of Pindi.  Agreeing to which Shiva started to live in Pindi at that place. Temple was constructed in the era of Mahabharat. After which various theories came out that temple has been vanished from there after many years. After which Shankaracharya constructed that temple again. After which for many years temple was buried under the snow of the mountains. Finally, in 12thand 13thcentury Rahul Sanskratyayan gives the certification of the temple and devotees started to visit the temple again.

Seasonal opening of the Kedarnath Temple (Kedarnath temple opening date 2019)

Most of the temple situated in the mountains have a fixed time of opening and closing. There are lakhs of devotees which visits the temple every year. After facing lots of troubles and difficulties devotees visits temple and their trust never gets decreased toward Lord Shiva and the temple. In  2019 Kedarnath temple will open on May 9, 2019 to October 21, 2019, will be open Lord Shiva always blesses his devotees. Kedarnath temple gets closed for 6 months every year on Diwali and in April and May it gets open again for the devotees in 2019.

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