How To Get Rid Of Black Magic

In today's world, it is very foolish to talk about Black magic because people think that it is nothing like black magic exist. But if the black magic word is there then it has some meaning also. No doubt today's world is very modern but still, there are various things which are related to ancient times whether they are ghost souls or any black magic. Blackmagic is physically is that magic in which one person harms the other person for his own benefit or destroy the personal life by making the person his servant. Let us know about the negative impact of black magic and way to get rid of black magic.

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 Effects and Symptoms of black magic

1.  When a person is affected by black magic than his behaviour can change he may get disturbed or can behave abnormally.

2.  Many times we get afraid in our own house and we may hear the abnormal sound and may possible that any negative energy has surrounded us but someone has put black powers on us due to jealousy. 

3.  If a person is affected by black magic then his family is also get affected and every work gets obstructed.

4.  If the plants or trees especially the plant of Tulsi starts getting dry suddenly that is an indication of the entrance of any negative energy in your house.

5.  Many times any family member gets died untimely and the reason of his death becomes unknown, then it may be possible that the black magic has hunted that person.

6.  The appearance of bad and negative things in the dreams is also an indication of black magic

7.  Many times our concentration level gets distracted and we start  harming ourselves it is also an effect of black magic

How to get rid of black magic

1.  Only one Supreme Power can get rid of this negative energy and black magic and that Supreme Power is God. So we need to keep that Supreme Power happy to get rid ourselves from black magic.

2.  Recite Hanuman Chalisa every Tuesday loudly because in front of Lord Hanuman any sort of negative energy cannot enter in our home

3.  Wear an Idol of Hanuman Ji and Nakshatra in your neck it will keep any negative energy away from you on the way.

4.  Whenever you feel that the behaviour of your children is getting abnormal then take a lemon rub it on the body seven times and throw it away.

5.  Goddess Kaali is that power which has destroyed a lot of devils, the person who prays to the goddess Kaali always gets protected from negative energy.

6.  Go to temple daily and after offering water to Lord Shiva bring the same water and Spread it on your home. It will keep away negative forces away.

7.  Daily offer one chapati with oil to cow and black dogs

8. Donate rice to baggers to keep away negative forces from your home

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