Guide to Astrology and CORONAVIRUS / COVID -19

Guide to Astrology and CORONAVIRUS / COVID -19

Corona Virus has made day today life so difficult. It is known to cause serious intense respiratory issues. It is an exceptionally transferable illness, which spreads through human contact or being in the region of the tainted individual. It may lead to the death of the patient (mortality rate is just 3%). Over the past few weeks, this virus has spread rapidly along with the panic.

Corona Has Shut Our Life

With the shut down of schools, colleges, cinema corridors and even most nations have shut their fringes to outsiders, and markets have been left fruitless. We thought perhaps Astrology could offer some understanding into this circumstance which has disabled us socially and profoundly.

The first case of coronavirus came out in Wuhan city of China at the end of 2019. As of now, 80 countries have confirmed cases of this virus and more than 3000 deaths have been officially confirmed so far due to this virus.

The logical name of this hazardous infection is Novel CoronaVirus-19 (COVID-19). On 23 January 2020, the World Health Organization announced it as a general wellbeing crisis over the world, remembering the quickly developing number of instances of coronavirus. Coronavirus in India has contaminated more than 137 individuals so far according to the official report.

The quantity of coronavirus cases, for example, individuals contaminated over the world with the coronavirus has traversed 1,89,683 with more than 7500 deaths. WHO alongside Leading nations from everywhere throughout the world, are putting forth extraordinary attempts to keep the ailment from taking more lives. Nonetheless, the number keeps on developing.

Astrology & Coronavirus

Each illness is caused because of different components/planets being at a specific situation in the travel. Every one of us having a place with various moon signs are intrinsically extraordinary. Some zodiac signs are more powerful than the others. It doesn't suggest that they are not vulnerable to disease and must not avoid potential risk only that they include more grounded invulnerability inside themselves to battle it.

Planets and its effect for causing the outbreak

Most of the malefic like Saturn, Mars, Rahu, ill associated mercury, weak moon and Ketu are playing a pivotal role in the spread of such a pandemic disease which has brought the entire world on its knees. Let’s see the factors responsible for this pandemic-


  • ⚫ The covid-19 virus has originally been spreading via marine life (fishes) and seas represented mainly by the Moon.
  • ⚫ Rahu and Ketu are responsible for the growth and spread out the viruses through animals. Its vaccine has not yet been developed – a rare trait of Rahu (undiagnosed illnesses and treatment). The lack of verified facts and too frequent rumours are being spread.
  • ⚫ Presently Rahu in Gemini sign (exalted) and Mars in Sagittarius with Moon and Ketu.
  • ⚫ Gemini sign is associated with throat-related infections and Cancer sign with water-borne diseases. Both are badly inflicted with Mars.
  • ⚫ Its major syndrome is flu-like pneumonia and breathing issues caused by ill correlate Mercury with Saturn and Mars.
  • ⚫ Jupiter (the karaka for expansion, Ether tatva) conjunct with Ketu is responsible for widespread of this disease in such a short period of time.
  • ⚫ Saturn (Air tatva) in its own sign Capricorn has formed in the spreading of the virus via air.
  • ⚫ Sun is the sole contributor of good health and immunity which moved to the sign of Capricorn (lord Saturn) from 14 Jan 20 is in a weak state.
  • ⚫ As per the medical declaration people suffering from diabetes and depression are more susceptible to the infection as their immune system is quite low. Diabetes and depression both are caused due to inflictions on Moon and Jupiter.


Astrology Prediction for COVID 19

According to astrology, the combination of Jupiter and Ketu planets bring about an epidemic and in particular it is a huge loss of human beings and other living beings in the world. From Jupiter, Jupiter is killed around November 1 in the year 2019. The planet came with Ketu in its own house.

End of CoronaVirus

The pandemic started here from around the same place. Now after five months, Jupiter with Sagittarius sign will enter Capricorn, their association with Kaitu will also end, then the world will start getting rid of this pandemic, although still the whole It will take time to get rid of this problem in a way and from the whole world, but now its work will start from April 30 when Jupiter is on its way.

Hospitals & Emergency

Below is the list of contact as of now announced by the government for  any emergency

AIIMS                  DR. Mahesh R 9868399038

SAFDARJANG   DR. Nitesh Gupta 9873096364

GTB                    DR. Amit 9654976108

APOLLO             DR. Aaron Stephens 9953012659


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