2024 Good Friday: Good Friday 2024 Date and Significance

When we talk about the word itself Good Friday, the word Good is a contradictory word for the events happened on this day, however; people believe that this word is correlated with the words like 'pious or holy'.

Just after the Good Friday people celebrate Easter Sunday on the following Sunday, the day on which Jesus was resurrected from death.

Good Friday is known as Holy Friday, Great Friday or Black Friday. This festival is celebrated to honour the death caused by the Christian people in the Calvary crucifixion. The festival is celebrated during Holy Week, which occurs on the Friday before Easter Sunday, is followed as part of the Paschal Triduum, and often accompanies the Passover of the Jews.

Good Friday is also called Good Friday "God's Friday" because it marks the symbolic sacrifice of the spotless Son of God, who is deemed to have died on the cross so that the people could be relieved from their burden of sin and be pardoned by God so that they can find eternal life and ecstasy.

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The day followed, which is often referred as the Holy Saturday, is when Jesus was laid inside the grave, and on the next day which is known as Easter Sunday, it is believed by Christians that Jesus miraculously awoke and left the tomb. In other words, his past life ended and marked the beginning of his new and immortal life had begun. This is symbolic of the Christian idea of salvation by penance (or the death of the former life).


When will be Good Friday celebrated in 2024

As per the Gregorian calendar, Good Friday will be celebrated in 2024 on Friday, 29 Mar, 2024.

Legends associated with Good Friday

According to the spiritual accounts of the Sanhedrin Trial of Jesus, Jesus’ crucifixion was probably done on a Friday. AD 33 is estimated the year of Good Friday according to two different classes, AD 34 as per the calculations of the Isaac Newton, based on the discrepancy between the Bible and the Julian calendar and the size of the moon.

Over the centuries, the liturgical celebration of Good Friday has undergone drastic changes. For example the Roman Catholic Church, it is not celebrated with a huge gathering of people on Good Friday, however, only a liturgy is performed. Beginning in the middle Ages, only the officiating priest took Holy Communion, which was consecrated in the Maundy Thursday mass; laypeople have also communed on Good Friday since 1955.


The liturgy of Good Friday consists reading of the Gospel Passion narrative, Communion and the devotion of the cross. In the 17th century, after an earthquake in Peru, the Jesuits introduced the Three Hour Service, prayerful meditation on Jesus' "Seven Last Words on the Cross," to the Catholic liturgy. Which takes place between 12:00 noon and 3 p.m. Similar, services transpire in the Eastern Orthodox tradition, where there is no Communion is observed on Good Friday.

Significance of Cross and symbolic celebrations

Good Friday is celebrated in memory of Christ's Passion and sacrifice for the humans, the crucifixion, and the death. The most significant symbol for Good Friday is the crucifix, or the cross, which outlines the way in which Jesus died for humankind. Most common representation of the crosses displaying a figure of Christ. Wherein the additional symbols include black cloth used to cover the cross, various portraits and sculptures in churches and some homes to purport to mourn. On the other hand, some people intentionally create a bare look in their homes and churches by removing all shiny objects and herbs.

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