God Parshuram Is Still Doing Penance here

God Parshuram Is Still Doing Penance on Mahendragiri Hills 

Hinduism has boasted many stories, stories, stories and legends in itself, always have been the practice of many stories in Hindu religion. 

Different stories related to God, place and different periods have gone somewhere else at different places. Today we will talk about Lord Parshuram's penance.

Parshuram, the biggest devotee of Lord Shiva

Parshuram was the son of Raja Prasenjit, Renuka and the son of Bhriguvanshi Jamadagni. He was the incarnation of Vishnu and the highest devotee of Shiva. He received a special gift from Shiva. His name was Rama, but because of his continuous acceptance of Shankar, he was called Parashurama. Parshuram was the sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu's ten incarnations. Whether it is the story of the goddess of elephants of Lord Ganesha, the story of Hanuman JI Chiranjeevi, the story of the birth of Lord Krishna and Ram, we have many stories in the context.

Mahendragiri Hills and Lord Parshuram

One such story is about Mahendragiri hills mountain and Lord Parashuram, which has many beliefs attached Let's talk about these beliefs today.

Yes, as you know, like Parameshwar, like Hanuman and Ashwatthama, there is also Chiranjeevi and even today the evidence related to being present on earth is scattered in one place, this story is connected to the same place. Mahendragiri hills Mountain, situated in Parlakhamundi of Gajapati district of Orissa boasts many characteristics and secrets in itself. There are many historical stories associated with this mountain, and many religious beliefs also tell stories of this mountain. This mountain holds great importance both from a historical and religious perspective. It is believed that Mount Ramayana is associated with many stories of the Mahabharata period. 

According to the most popular story about this mountain, in the end, it was for Lord Parshuram Tapasya and this became his place of penance. Yes, Mahendragiri Mountain is considered as a place of Lord Parasurama's penance.

This temple is not only special from a historical and religious perspective but it also gives testimony to the beautiful natural views which make it more beautiful. Saying beauty, rivers and lush mountains say it’s a beautiful story. 

This mountain and its temples are quite famous and devotees come here for a few more prayers in the mind and believe that their prayers will be heard. Travellers say that Parshuram is often seen on this mountain. 

Significantly, there are many temples of Mahabharata during this mountain. Apart from Bhima, Kunti, Yudhisthira, besides the temple of Durga Brahma is well known. 

It is said that these temples were built by the Pandavas. There are three ways to reach this peak, through which different routes can be reached here by fixing it. 

Whether you believe this or not, but it is also true that there is a world above science which is based only on faith, devotion and devotion, which are beyond logic and which is about any type of the debate is unfounded because it is only dependent on faith. 

Parshuram made many sacrifices in his lifetime. They made thirty-two hands high altars for offering a sacrifice. Maharishi Kashyap took the altar along with the earth in the south and then asked Parashurama to leave the earth and go away. Parashuram retreated the sea and stayed at Mahendragiri hills.

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