Angarak yog

Angarak Yog - How does it lead to darkness in the life

Angarak Yog is included in that Kundli Yog which leads to difficulties in life.  If in someone's horoscope if Mars planet comes in contact with other Rahu or Ketu then it is called as Agarak Yog. In this yog, both Rahu and Ketu are dangerous and loss-making. This yoga is formed by the combination of Rahu and Ketu and puts a negative impact.  Happiness in life gets disturbed and the affected person always remains in anger. 

Effects of Angarak Yog

1.    Whenever a person starts getting angry on every response or his behaviour gets changed.

2.    A person stops working according to his capacity.

3.    The person has to face anger within himself all the time as this yog is related to fire.

4.    Sometimes Angarak  yog also provides good results too. When good results came then the person started working with dedication and hard work.

5.    Angarak Yog brings ups and downs in life. It makes the behaviour of the person violent and negative.

6.    The affected person keeps on getting rude with all his family members and friends.

7.    It leads to an effect on all aspect of life like on business, job, education, married life, etc.

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10 Powerful Ways To Avoid Angarak Yog

1.    To get rid of the Angarak Yog there are some remedies by following which the person can save himself from the negative effect of Rahu and Ketu.

2.    The person should keep fasting  every Tuesday to get rid of the effect of mars.

3.    Feed Jiggery to red cow on every Tuesday and pray in Hanuman Temple 

4.    Praying Kartikeya who is the elder son of Shiva is proved very effective so to keep him happy feed to peacock.

5.    Always welcome guest at home and always make them comfortable.

6.    Feed hungry people and donate to poor people. Also, feed dogs regularly.

7.    Recite the beej mantra of Rahu and also recite Rahu and Ketu in the temple.

8.    Light lamp daily at home in the evening. Its light leads to maintaining peace.

9.    Recite Hanuman mantra 108 times every Tuesday.

10. Take part in religious works as much as possible and devote yourself to God.

By applying all the above-given remedies the person will get rid of Angarak Yog.

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