Akshardham Temple Delhi

You will know about the glory of Delhi. Delhi is famous not only in India but also in old places and heritage sites, but also in pilgrim centres around the world. If you have heard about Akshardham temple in Delhi, why not take complete information about it, so that this time you can plan to go to Akshardham during summer holidays. Surely you will like it. So here you go, start preparations.

Akshardham Temple History

Although Akshardham Temple is two, one in Gujarat and one in Delhi but today we will give you full information about the Akshardham temple of Delhi. Indeed, its full name is Swaminarayan Akshardham Temple. This is included in the magnificent Hindu temples in India. Well, let us tell you that this temple was fully constructed in 2005 and it was officially opened on 6th November. Since then 70% of the people in Delhi come to see the glory of the temple. Also, according to its beauty, it was designed according to Maharishi Vastu architecture. Which is 141 feet high and 356 feet wide. Along with the flowers in its decoration, the walls are decorated with animals and musicians and followers.

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Interesting facts about Akshardham Temple

It is designed in a ritual manner with Rajasthani pink stone and Italian Carrara marble. The idol of Pilar, 9 domes and 20,000 followers of 234 gold coins have been erected in the temple. Gajendra Peeth is also included in the temple and a pillar is also made for the elephant. Let us tell you that in the Akshardham temple 148 huge elephants have been built. Who weighs around 3000 tons.

Many Gods statues were also made in Akshardham temple. Please tell that the statue of Swaminarayan God, 3.4 m below the temple, is immovable. Along with Lord Shiva-Parvati and Sita-Ram, Krishna-Radha, along with idols of Lakshmi Mata and Lord Narayana, the Akshardham temple is well-decorated. People whose holiness and beauty come from far and away.

Here, devotees get a chance to roam along with the pilgrimage. Which is why tourists visit this temple.

Characteristic of Akshardham Temple

1. Tell you that there is a garden named Kamal Bagh in the temple. Its size is similar to lotus, which makes it look very adorable.

2. The beautiful beauty of the temple is famous all over the world and not only its name is included in Guinness Book and World Records.

3. A Kund is also built in the temple which is called Yagankund. On the one hand, this Kund is also called Shabe Bund Kund by another name.

4. Narayana Sarovar also enhances the beauty of the temple here. The temple is surrounded by Narayan Sarovar. Water is taken from 151 lakes in it and faces of 108 cows have been made around it. There are 1,152 pillars and 145 windows in this lake, whose structure is like two stories. Let me tell you it's 3,000 feet orbiting circus.

We told you about this so-called place and hopefully, you will definitely like the Akshardham Temple.

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