Venus Transit in Leo on 17th July 2021

Venus is the planet of love, pleasure, and balance. The transit of Venus in Leo relates to wisdom and control that is delightful in feeling and experience. What will be your socialization, in which circle you move, and your companionship or togetherness have the proximity of the transit of Venus. The transit of Venus directly affects your social interaction with your acquaintances. Luxuries and lavishness encompass the transit of Venus.

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Effects of Venus Transit in Leo on Aries

Conducive time for those who contribute in business and profession at par. Your applied brain will be at another extent so your creativity and innovation will be rewarding and recognizable. You will get the chance to mingle up with your beloved partner. You will find the vibration of love if you have just the passing affair. Husbands will spend quality time with their spouses. If you are an aspirant for a competitive job your hard work will be fruitful.

Remedy: You can offer sweets to poor people. This remedy is very beneficial to make Venus in your favour.

Effects of Venus Transit in Leo on Taurus

Transit of Venus indicating that Life challenges are ahead of you. Domestic affairs related to property, health, and expenditure may bother you. You will feel overwhelmed by spending money on luxuries and a lavish lifestyle. Your situation seems to be a bit vulnerable financially so spend money intelligently. Those who are preparing for competitive exams will get opportunities to prove themselves. Entrepreneurs will have a more risk appetite for the business venture. Students will feel refreshed and energetic and put their effort into academic excellence.

Remedy: Donate Cow ghee in temples or any religious place.

Effects of Venus Transit in Leo on Gemini

This transit of Venus in Leo on Gemini will solidify your family bonding, and your socialization will be vaster and more extended. Conducive time for starts up and businesses because this will attract fortune for them. You will spend time in your family gatherings. The business will have a new high that will explore the metamorphosis of change and growth. In this transit of Venus in Leo, creativity and innovation will play a lead role for actors, scientists, and artists. Your mass appeal and massive presence will glorify your status and stature.

Remedy: Donate white things like any ornaments, or food to young girls.

Effects of Venus Transit in Leo on Cancer

Prosperity is ahead in this transit of Venous in Leo. Cancer natives will enjoy the companionship of family and friends in this transit. It is a delightful journey for you, and everyone related to you will develop rapport and trust. The clear indication of having money to burn means you will be dealing with a profuse amount of money in this transit. Don’t be in a fix, in terms of business venture or investment because every penny will give you a good return.

Remedy: Be faithful with your lover or spouse.


Effects of Venus Transit in Leo on Leo

In this transit of Venus in Leo, you will feel momentum in your life. Your courage and conviction will play a lead role here. Courage is the leading virtue, and all other virtues follow it. People will feel inspired around you, and you will lead them. Creative geniuses like artists, musicians, and engineer will apply their brains in a creative pursuit. Natives of Leo who are married will live in peace and harmony. The closeness of the relationship will give them emotional support to become firm and stable in any adverse circumstance.

Remedy: Pouring water in streaming river also keep Venus in your favour.

Effects of Venus Transit in Leo on Virgo

You are surrounded by happiness and satisfaction. Fortunately, you will achieve a supreme position in your career and business. There is adequate money and wealth in this transit so you will live your life lavishly. Your overseas business seems to be highly profitable for you. It will supply the profit like a cash cow for a long period. You may opt for traveling to any resort or tourist destination. You take care of your finances because reckless expenditure and a lavish lifestyle may drain your money soon.

Remedy: Light camphor daily in the evening to remove the negativity from your home.

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Effects of Venus Transit in Leo on Libra

Your cordial behaviour will attract many people, and your socialization will increase significantly. Your patience in business will bring a fortune for you. You may go to any religious place for mental peace and tranquillity. Business trips in foreign countries may be your next destination. You should avoid buying behaviour because it will create a strain on your future financial liabilities.

Remedy: Chant Mantra “Om Shum Shukraya Namaha" for 108 times daily.

Effects of Venus Transit in Leo on Scorpio

Stress is part of your living nowadays but doesn’t panic because it will pass soon. It is the time of business expansion, so proceed with it if you get an opportunity. Honesty and integrity will sustain your job, and you will get out of turn promotion. Family life seems to be fantastic in this transit of Venus in Leo. Prosperity will lead your life, but discipline will play a vital role in your life and livelihood.

Remedy: Apply perfume or use silver element on Friday.

Effects of Venus Transit in Leo on Sagittarius

Your life is balanced and controlled by this celestial movement. Prosperity and abundance will provide you a celebration and happiness. The abundance of money will change your life, and it will be a turning point. Family life will be soothing and satisfying. Believe in the compassion of God and show your devotion and faith. You may visit any foreign tourist destination shortly. Good time for students to gain momentum in their studies and career. Their hard work will bring success and recognition for them in this transit.

Remedy: To make planet Venus strong, chant “Om Dram Dreem Droum Sah Shukraya Namah” on Friday.


Effects of Venus Transit in Leo on Capricorn

Time is average for the natives of Capricorn. There is a struggle in life in this transit irrespective of career, business, or finances. The flow of money seems good but not abundant. You should control your hostile emotion and your impulsive thought. A little altercation may be a cause of forever stress in your relationship so avoid the matter of conflict and contradiction. Students should not be idle for their objectives because shortcuts won’t work for them.

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Remedy:  Avoid free gifts from other unknown person.

Effects of Venus Transit in Leo on Aquarius

Celebration time for you because this transit of Venus in Leo provides an opportunity to hook up and marry. Those who are in a loving relationship will find this time favourable and charming. The business will bring success and monetary gain. It is a rewarding time for job holders because they will get bonuses and rewards. You will good socialization in this transit, and your circle will expand due to your delightful mood and behaviour. Your religious faith will get a new height due to your philanthropy, puja-Archana, and visiting spiritual places.

Remedy: Do not use bath or body soap on Thursday.

Effects of Venus Transit in Leo on Pisces

Time is crucial for you. Avoid on the roadside too much because you may commit any accident or damage. You should handle this phase tactfully because of confrontation and shortage of income. Gossip in the relationship may damage your reputation, so always behave and speak deliberately. Control your spending because you may be exposed to the debt trap. You may feel tired or exhausted due to over responsibility and liabilities.

Remedy: Using proper washed clothes will remove negativity from the body.

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