Venus Transit 2021 Effects and Remedies for all Zodiac Signs

Time is changing fast; the transition of Venus in Aries is likely to induce your life in many ways. Venus represents love, charm, and beauty. It also affects your love life and the intimacy of your relationship. Creativity will be a part of your life in this phase. The transit of Venus in Aries tends to high energy and dynamism that show you will be more expressive, adventurous, and risk-bearing. This celestial movement will bring a significant change in the lives of humans related to different zodiac signs. It will be conducive for those who take an opportunity like a challenge in business, finances, or relationships. The situation will be more revealing and explicit because the Venus transit in Aries has a blast of energy with fire. Impulsiveness in character will be favourable for a controlled personality and disastrous for the fickle mind. The transit of Venus is likely to stay from the 10th of April to the 4th of May 2021. The effect may vary from person to person due to astrological conditioning, the movement of the Sun, and the unique birth chart. Here you may be a bit aware of the changes according to your horoscope in this transit of Venus in Aries.

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Venus Transit 2021 effect on Aries♈

This transit of Venus is favourable for an affectionate relationship. It will increase the soothing charm between loving relationships. Venus is the god of love.  If your beloved is attracted to you, you should not be astounded at all. The transit will also bring proximity to resolve the family dispute and create harmony among friends and partnership. It is not surprising if you find your life partner in this phase. Why don’t you save money for future use to avoid any health contingency of your dear one?

Astrological Remedy: Offer white meals like rice, milk, and sugar to Brahmins and Pandits. If possible, do friday fasting.


Venus Transit 2021 effect on Taurus♉

You will be overwhelmed in your loving relationship. This transit will increase intimacy between you and your partner. A personal health issue may bother you, and you will take care of it. Over-spending may be an issue due to your overindulgence in luxury items and your inclination to lead a lavish life. Your energy and excitement will be at par on the work front and, it will cause much prone to any mistake but will be equally rewarding and inspiring.

Astrological Remedy: On friday, chant Laxmi mantra for better result.

Venus Transit 2021 effect on Gemini♊

You will feel a witty charm in your intimate relationship and find a new way to explore it. You may find an increased rapport among your brother and sister. It is likely to have a chance to be the proud parents due to children’s overwhelming performance in their respective fields like education or career. The transit of Venus will open a door for you for foreign visits or collateral benefit from your overseas dealings.

Astrological Remedy: Chant “Mahalakshmi Asthakam” in every morning.

Venus Transit 2021 effect on Cancer♋

You are going to take many initiatives to improve your career graph. Your boss will appreciate your dedication towards your responsibility and recommend an out-of-turn promotion. Any laxity regarding your health maybe pathological, so don’t avoid any health issues related to you and your close ones. Here is an auspicious time of investment in the property. Don’t hesitate to have any favour to your close one to finish the remaining task.

Astrological Remedy: Feed wheat and vegitables to the cow.

Venus Transit 2021 effect on Leo♌

Foreign tours or long abroad vacations may thrill you incoming time. A business trip for a new alliance will be beneficial in the long run. It is imminent spending a lot of money for your reckless behaviour and luxuries so, this transition is likely to make a hole in your pocket. Be expressive so that people around you cannot misunderstand you.

Astrological Remedy: For good result, apply Tilak of sandalwood on your forehead in every morning.

Venus Transit 2021 effect on Virgo♍

Spend quality time with your beloved and your family to increase intimacy and trust. Avoid delicate matter and difficult talk during this transition phase. You may develop a heated debate or altercation with your spouse or close family person. In this transit of Venus, you may get any bad news so pray the god for the strength to bear it.

Astrological Remedy: Offer white cosmetic items to the young girls.

Venus Transit 2021 effect on Libra♎

You are positive, and your attitude will bring success and prosperity in this phase. You may hear bad news about your family member’s health issue. A married person may get an invitation to join any ceremonial occasion. In this phase, family members will come close.  You will feel the peace and harmony in your life.

Astrological Remedy: If possible recite “Venus mantra” for 20 times daily in the morning.

Venus Transit 2021 effect on Scorpio♏

This transition of Venus is a tough time for you. You are supposed to hear bad news about the severe health issues of your beloved. Your all effort may go in vain because this transition phase is not conducive at the work front. Misunderstanding and confusion may be critical for your job and leads to the cause of termination.

Astrological Remedy: Chant “Sree Shuktham” for the result in good health and happiness in life.


Venus Transit 2021 effect on Sagittarius♐

 If you are in love, you will be developing more intimacy. This transition will be a turning phase for married couples and, they can give a new start to their life. Spending on education will be worth it. Transit of the Venus is the most favourable for you and, it will be more fruitful if you put the initiative to redefine your future, career, finances, and business.

Astrological Remedy: Because Venus is related to beauty, start dressing up nicely and follow cleanliness.

Venus Transit 2021 effect on Capricorn♑

This transition of Venus will bring all opportunities for you. If you want to buy a property or any vehicle, this is an auspicious time. You will get out of turn promotion in your job. It is the time of investment and, you won’t find a shortage of money if you truly want.

Astrological Remedy: Offer food on Friday to the needy people.

Venus Transit 2021 effect on Aquarius♒

The situation is conducive for love and, you will find your beloved more attracted towards you. You may get an opportunity for an outdoor vacation. You will find people around you are more inclined to sense you and follow you. This time is more rewarding for you in the case of finance or business.

Astrological Remedy: Wearing white pearl will provide more promising results in health, finance, and relationship.

Venus Transit 2021 effect on Pisces♓

Use your word wisely to impress people because miscommunication may go against you.  You may be attracted to futile or useless things and will be much prone to spend money carelessly. It is better to be safe than sorry. Financial discipline demands close attention.

Astrological Remedy: Donate white items like bottles, lunch boxes, or any other plastic item to young girls for the blessing and better result.

Venus Transit in Aries 2021 Date and Time

  • Venus Direct in Aries: From 10th April 2021 to 4th May 2021

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