Santoshi Mata - Vrat Vidhi and Aarti

The procedure of Santoshi Mata Vrat

 As you already know that in Hindu religion Hindu what is keep fasting for various Gods and Goddesses to maintain peace and prosperity in the life in the same way in Hindu religion keeping the fast on Friday is considered as very e prosperous and the people who keep fast on this day get a lot of benefits let us also know you that Santoshi Mata Vrat is maintained for Santoshi Mata whereas people also does Pooja for Venus planet.

Benefits of Keeping Friday Fast

Now let us know what the benefits of keeping the fast on Friday are. Astrologers believe that this fast provides benefit to the people who belong to the field of art. Apart from it, Santoshi Mata Vrat is also beneficial for the married life. On the day of this fast, any sour food item should be prohibited.

The procedure of Santoshi Mata Friday Vrat

 As you have seen that keeping Vrat on Friday has many benefits and it is being done by many people so let us see about the procedure that how this fast can be fulfilled Santoshi Mata Vrat should be started from the Shukla Paksha a funny Friday, as it increases the benefits multi, folds the devotees should wear white-coloured clothes on the day and with all the correct procedure the planet Venus and Lakshmi goddess should be e prayed after the prayer sweet should be offered.

The procedure of Santoshi Mata Vrat

The devotees should take care that any sort of sour food item should not be taken at any cost the devotees should not tell lie to anyone and should not fulfil for performing any wrong deed.

After waking up early in the morning the whole house should be clean properly after which the idol of Santoshi Mata should be placed. After which, a lamp of ghee should lighten up.

After which, Santoshi Mata should be offered Chana and Gur. After which it should be distributed among people. 

So we can expect that you have got all the details regarding the fast of Santoshi Mata from this article if you have any question or doubt then you can ask in the comment below. 

Must Chant Santoshi Mata Aarti

Jai Santoshi Mata, Maiya Jai Santoshi Mata

Apne Sewak Jan Ki, Sukh Sampati Data

Sundar Chir Sunahri Maa Dharan Kinhon

Hira Pana Damke, Tan Shringar Linyoh

Jai Santoshi Mata...

Geru Lal Chhata Chhavi, Badan Kamal Sohe

Mand Hansat Karunamayi, Tribhuvan Jan Mohe

Jai Santoshi Mata...

Swarna Sinhasan Baithi, Chanvar Dhure Pyare

Dhup, Deep, Madhu, Mewa, Bhog Dhare Nyare

Jai Santoshi Mata...

Gud Aur Chana Param Priya, Tamen Santosh Kiyo

Santoshi Kahlai, Bhaktan Vaibhav Diyo

Jai Santoshi Mata...

Shukrawar Priya Manat, Aaj Divas Sohi

Bhakti Mandali Chhai, Katha Sunat Mohi

Jai Santoshi Mata...

Mandir Jag Mag Jyoti, Mangal Dhwani Chhai

Vinai Kare ham Sewak, Charnan Sir Nai

Jai Santoshi Mata...

Bhakti Bhawmai, Puja Angikrit Kijai

Jo Man Vasai Hamare, Ichhit Phal Dijai

Jai Santoshi Mata...

Dukh Daridri Raug, Sankat Mukt Kijai

bahu Dhan Dhany Bhare Ghar, Sukh Saubhagya Keejai

Jai Santoshi Mata...

Dhyan Dhare Jo Tera, Manvanchhit Phal Payo

Puja Katha Shravan Kar, Ghar Anand Aayo

Jai Santoshi Mata...

Charan Gahe Ki Lajja, Rakhiyo Jagdambe

Sankat Tu Hi Niware, Dayamayi Ambe

Jai Santoshi Mata...

Santoshi Mata Ki Aarti, Jo Koi Jan Gavai

Riddhi-siddhi Sukh Sampati, Ji Bhar Ke Pavai

Jai Santoshi Mata...

Jai Santoshi Mata, Maiya Jai Santoshi Mata

Apne Sewak Jan Ki, Sukh Sampati Data

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