Valentine’s Day 2024 - All You Need to Know about Valentine Day

Valentine's Day is largely celebrated globally every year on 14th February; Valentine's Day is also called Saint Valentine's Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine. It was originally celebrated in the west as an honouring ceremony for one of the two saints namely Valentinus.

Valentine's Day around the world is seen as a significant cultural and religious celebration. It is one of those festivals which are commercially celebrated on a very grand scale around the world and, is recognized as a significant aesthetic, theological, and commercial celebration of love and passion throughout the world.

Pope Celsius on 14th February announced that Feb 14 will be celebrated as St. Valentine's Day, and it was at the end of 5th century (AD 496) and ever since no matter what dogma people follow romantic or religious people celebrate this each year on 14 Feb.

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How did Valentine’s Day started and Legends associated with it?

Valentine's Day was always been part of the calendar as a designated day. And as per Roman calendar, it was a considered as a holiday in the mid-February is even before the origin or the beginning of St. Valentine's celebrations and was known as Lupercalia at that time. The day was observed to celebrate fertility. In Greece, people used to observe the celebration of God Zeus and the goddess Hera's marriage somewhat around mid-winter. To some historians believe, these events and celebrations may have led to the modern-day celebrations of Valentine's Day on 14th Feb.        

Who was Saint Valentine?

There is a lot of interpretation about the Saint Valentines on which Valentine's Day is associated, Out of few legends one suggests that There was one Saint known as Valentines who was executed by the Roman Emperor (Claudius II) on failing to accept a conversion to Paganism, it is also said that before his execution he heals jailer's daughter, after which they all converted to Christianity. Another legend suggests to Saint Valentine from Terni was a Bishop who's the actual name behind the Valentines' day, all of these saints and bishops were said to be executed or killed.

Apart from this another legend encompassing Roman era suggests that there was one saint named Saint Valentine who was a Roman Priest who used to perform weddings of the soldiers who were abolished from getting married. He used to wear a ring with a cupid on it (which is now known as the symbol of love), which is also said to make him recognizable among the soldiers, he was also said to offer them a heart shape paper cards as a symbol and reminder of their love towards God being Christians. Ages later and still he was admired as the saint of love.

Different names worldwide for Valentine's day

Valentine's Day is celebrated with different names amount different cultures and countries, for example, Día de Los Inamoratos (day of lovers) in Latin American countries, "Día del Cariño" (Affection Day) in Guatemala, 情人节 (Qíngrénjié) in China and Araw ng mgaPuso in the Philippines etc.

Modern Day Valentine’s Celebrations?

Valentine's Day traditions - which includes mailing greeting cards (widely known in London as “valentines”), giving chocolates and flowers, being in modern England and later spread throughout all the English-speaking continents around 19th century, and later in 20th and 21st century got further popularity among other countries.

Beginning from 1835, with over 60,000 valentines card being circulated to mass production of embossed cards in mid-1828-1904 in the United States to 1868 introduction of heart-shaped chocolate boxes launched by Cadbury history have seen everything, with the rise of internet Valentine's celebrations, have become an eve of spending more and more every year. With millions being spent on the gifts and cards, trillions of communication text strings messages emails are sent every year.

In modern times Valentine's Day is majorly celebrated on its full bliss styles with Chinese and South Koreans Spendthrift heavenly on Valentine's gifts.

There could be a lot of interpretations on this day however the simplest form of celebrations depends on you, it's about expressing your love towards people who value the most in your life no matter who he/she is this festival is too big to be just linked to just lovers, you are free to buy flowers or chocolates for your companions, co-workers, associates or any of your households.

Just feel free to celebrate it in your way and do what values for your loved ones or what they like the most taking them on a holiday, a candlelight dinner, have a dance night with your close ones.

Well, the whole idea is to embrace your graceful bond with the people who value the most in your life.

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