2021 Shubh Vivah Muhurat - Marriage dates in 2021

Marriage in every culture is the most elegant event in one’s life, while in most of the western countries wedding is mostly restricted to the likes or dislikes of the couples itself. At the same time in many Asian countries and especially in India, marriage is more than just over a family function which involves many rituals (specific to the family traditions or customs according to community and religion) are followed.

Wedding rituals in India can vary a lot from each other majorly because of the region and the religion, personal and the community partialities of the person. In India, weddings are feasted like a festival, and the celebrations depending on the budget and rituals followed by the bride and groom's family may go on for 6-7 days while the wedding is often performed at the end. Weddings being such a big event for the bride and the groom it's even bigger for the family itself as it's not just a ceremony it is celebrated with extensive decorations, colourful outfits, amazing music, and dance performances. Every year in Indian people witness or be part of approximately over 10 million wedding celebrations every year, and around 80% are Hindu weddings.

Importance of Kundli Matching Prior Marriage Dates/Shubh Vivah Muhurat

In Hindu Vedic society the majority of marriages are dependent a lot on the horoscope matching (Kundli matching) this is done to comprehend the compatibility between the couples.Kundali Matching or Kundli Milan is an ancient Vedic astrology method of checking the compatibility between the two partners. In kundli matching majorly Gun Milan is done, which also includes examining other aspects like ManglikDosha, GanaDosha, NadiDosha, and a lot more. On a whole, it tells you if the factor planets of the boy or the girl in their birth chart are compatible with each other or not. While getting 36 points on this Milan (match) is said to be the most suited, getting a count below 18 points are not regarded as a suitable match leading to an unsuccessful or a difficult married life.

Kundli-onlineImportance and Significance of Shubh Vivah Muhurat

In India, it is an ancient aphorism that marriage is not just a marriage but a bond which will last eternally; hence it becomes vital to choose the best suitable date for marriage as per Indian Vedic astrology. A good astrologer is advised to be consulted after they do Kundli Milan, the next most important factor for the Indian wedding is the Shubh Vivah Muhurat (Marriage date as per Vedic Gregorian calendar). The marriage Muhurat plays an imperative role in deciding the date of marriage. Since centuries Hindu Vedic scriptures are being followed to know the most suitable day for getting espoused.

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Meaning of the Word Muhurat

Muhurat is a Vedic Hindu method or measurement of the time based on three factors kāṣṭhāKalā and Nimesh, Muhurat which is further denoted as the division of time, or in the other words it's the moment which has great auspicious values as per Vedic astrology. Keeping this in mind Appropriate adjustments have been made in Hindu scriptures for marriage. Marriage is a special bond which doesn't just connect each other with a tittle but it's something more than that it's a spiritual and a psychologically connect between the two. In Vedic astrology, the key focus is always given to the time, and if a marriage is performed on an inauspicious day or time, could bring inauspicious results. Indian method of wedding binds two people until eternity or so that they can live life with Dharma (truth), Artha and Kama (material desires) with perfect harmony.

It is the fusion of two souls as spouses and is acknowledged by the flow of life. In Hinduism, traditional customs are followed. Marriage is not considered perfect or valid until perfection. It is not just a bond of two people but an ultimate bond of two different families with different likes and dislikes. Usually, Red is the most auspicious colour paired with Golden colour. First step for a wedding is Kundli Milan (match) and the next is the wedding Muhurat. Astroswamig brings you the entire list of the best Vivah Muhurats in 2021.

In case, you are interested in a Kundli Milaan for the bride or a groom then you should get the birth charts for both persons analysed to get the exact and most precise Gun Milaan, do not hesitate and consult astroswamig today.

Shubh Vivah/ Marriage Muhurat in January 2021

15 January 2021 - Budh Magha Kr. (Panchmi U. Phalguna)

16 January 2021 - Guru Magh Kr. (Shashthee Hast Chitra)

17 January 2021 - Venus Magh Kr. (Saptamee Chitra Svaati)

18 January 2021 - Shani Magha Kr. (Navami Swati)

19 January 2021 - Ravi Magh Kr. (Dashami Anuradha)

20 January 2021 - Mon Magh Kr. (Ekadashi Anuradha)

26 January 2021 - Ravi Magh Shu. (Second bestiality)

29 January 2021 - Wed Magh Shu. (Chaturthi U. Bhadrapad)

30 January 2021 - Guru Magh Shu. (Panchami U. Bhadrapad Revathi)

31 January 2021 - Fri Magh Shu. (Shashthi Revathi Ashwini)

Shubh Vivah/ Marriage Muhurat in February 2021

1 February 2021 - Shani Magh Shu. (Saptami Ashwini)

3 February 2021 - SomMagh Shu. (Navami Rohini)

4 February 2021 - Mangal Magh Shu. (Dashami Rohini)

9 February 2021 - Ravi Magha (Purnima Magha)

10 February 2021 - SomFalgun Kr. (Pratipada Magha)

11 February 2021 - Mangal Phalgun Kr. (Tritiya U. Falgun)

14 February 2021 - ShukraPhalgun Kr. (ShashtheeSvaati)

15 February 2021 - Shani Phalgun Kr. (Saptami Anuradha)

16 February 2021 - Ravi Phalgun Kr. (Ashtami Anuradha)

25 February 2021 - Mangal Phalgun Shu. (Dwitiya U. Bhadrapad)

26 February 2021 - BudhFalgun Shu. (Tritiya U. Bhadrapad Revathi)

27 February 2021 - Guru Falgun Shu. (Chaturthi Revathi)

28 February 2021 - ShukraFalgun Shu. (Panchami Ashwini)

Shubh Vivah/ Marriage Muhurat in March 2021

10 March 2021 - Mangal Chaitra Kr. (Pratipada Hast)

11 March 2021 - Mercury Chaitra Kr. (Dviteeya Hast)

Shubh Vivah/ Marriage Muhurat in April 2021

16 April 2021 - Guru Vaishakh Kr. (NavameeDhanishtha)

17 April 2021 - ShukraVaisakh Kr. (Dashami U. Bhadrapad)

25 April 2021 - Shani Vaishakh Shu. (Dwitiya Rohini)

26 April 2021 - Ravi Vaishakh Shu. (Tritiya Rohini)

Shubh Vivah/ Marriage Muhurat in May 2021

1 May 2021 - ShukraFriVaishakh Shu. (Ashtami Magha)

2 May 2021 - Shani Vaishakh Shu. (Navami Magha)

4 May 2021 - SomVaishakh Shu. (Ekadashi U. Falguni Hasta)

5 May 2021 - Mangal Vaishakh Shu. (Trayodashi Hand)

6 May 2021 - BudhVaishakh Shu. (Chaturdashi Chitra Chitra)

15 May 2021 - ShukraJyeshtha Kr. (Ashtami Dhanishtha)

17 May 2021 - Ravi Jyeshtha Kr. (Dashami U. Bhadrapad)

18 May 2021 - SomJyeshtha Kr. (Ekadashi U. Bhadrapad Revathi)

19 May 2021 - Mangal Jyeshtha Kr. (Dwadashi Revathi)

23 May 2021 - Shani Jyeshtha Shu. (Pratipada Rohini)

Shubh Vivah/ Marriage Muhurat in June 2021

04 June 2021 - Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra (Dashami Tithi)

05 June 2021 - Revati (Ekadashi Tithi)

06 June 2021 - Revati (Ekadashi Tithi)

19 June 2021 - Hasta (Navami, Dashami Tithi)

20 June 2021 - Swati Nakshatra (Ekadashi)

24 June 2021 - Mula (Purnima, Pratipada Tithi)

26 June 2021 - Uttara Ashadha (Dwitiya)

28 June 2021 - Dhanishtha (Chaturthi)

20 June 2021 - Purva Bhadrapada (Shashthi)

Shubh Vivah/ Marriage Muhurat in July 2021

1 July, Thursday - Uttara Bhadrapada (Saptami, Ashtami)

2 July, Friday - Revati (Ashtami)

3 July, Saturday - Revati (Navami)

15 July, Thursday - Uttara Phalguni (Panchami, Shashthi)

18 July, Sunday - Swati (Navami)

Shubh Vivah/ Marriage Muhurat in November 2021

20 November, Saturday - Rohini Nakshatra (Partipada, Dwitiya)

21 November, Sunday - Mrigashirsha  (Dwitiya, Tritiya)

22 November, Monday - Mrigashirsha (Tritiya)

28 November, Sunday - Uttara Phalguni (Navami, Dashami)

29 November, Monday - Uttara Phalguni (Dashami)

30 November, Tuesday - Hasta (Ekadashi)

Shubh Vivah/ Marriage Muhurat in December 2021

1 December, Wednesday - Swati (Dwadashi, Trayodashi)

6 December, Monday - Uttara Ashadha (Chaturthi)

7 December, Tuesday - Uttara Ashadha (Chaturthi)

8 December, Wednesday - Shravana (Panchami)

11 December, Saturday - Uttara Bhadrapada (Navami)

13 December, Monday - Revati (Dashami)

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