Understanding The Secrets of a Scorpio Woman

Scorpio people are born between October 23rd and November 21st and display a fiercely independent and powerful personality and this is a trait common to males and females. Despite their harsh exterior, Scorpio women are actually sensitive and emotional. This water sign can sometimes intimidate others, however, they are deeply loyal friends and partners best to have around, and also some of the most ambitious signs of the zodiac. They have the inherent ability to make fast connections and are true to their nature and do not hide behind masks as some other zodiac signs.

Scorpio zodiac is known for its intense and dramatic traits and is considered as a powerful astrological sign because of the characteristics common to people born under this sign. Younger Scorpio women are often smarter than other girls of similar ages.

The engineman and dark personality of the Scorpio woman means you can never ignore her and she gets your attention each time. Scorpions can be super secretive with an undeniable presence that people can never fail to notice. She is a born leader.


How to know what a Scorpion is thinking?

Despite being utterly dignified, she can make you very uncomfortable in her presence, especially those who do not know her well. Looking into the astrological side allows us to understand the Scorpion lady's power.

Madam Scorpion is physically very attractive with immensely hypnotic eyes that attract men like magnets. Scorpios are known for their zest for life and display strength in multiple fields, such as balancing career and family. They treat love as a challenge. No one can dispute the fact that she carries a personality and the aura of mystery, and magnetism. She hates people who pretend and does not tolerate bluff. She prefers to give her attention to people who are real.

If you want a true friend who is extremely loyal and will stick by you in thick and thin, then go look for a Scorpion. She says what's in her heart and is brutally honest to the face and no sugar-coated nonsense.

Yet another personality highlight of the Scorpio lady is that she loves you to death but be careful of taking her for granted, you will be shut out permanently from her life and she won't allow you another chance. Apart from being a great friend, one of the most well-known Scorpio characteristics is her determination and drive to accomplish any tasks she sets out to do. She will pursue the task with total control and focus on her goal.

When you are in trouble, trust her to support you. She will take on danger and problems for others and is always ahead to volunteer help to family and friends. The Scorpio woman is deeply spiritual and even treats love as a religion. Her possessive nature makes her untrusting of others. She can detect a liar and a fraud from far away.

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What kind of person is a Scorpio woman?

Although tall and lean in her younger days, once she becomes a woman, the personality becomes strong and carries a no-nonsense tough look. The hallmark of her face is the glittering, hypnotic eyes that can cause people to get attracted to her as well as make them uneasy when she stares at them. Her body exudes sensuous energy and passion. But, unlike other zodiac signs, it's very difficult to predict the behaviour of the Scorpion lady-whether she likes you or is out to get you.

Scorpio woman traits and Characteristics

Understanding a Scorpion becomes very challenging because of the following parts of her personality:



She has secrets and not only can she keep secrets of her own but also of others. If you want to share your secrets and vent your feelings, then share them with a Scorpian friend. She will keep them safe and deep inside her and gain the trust of all her friends. But she has the tendency to use them against you if you betray or backstab her. She will pour venom on you if she is bitter with what you have done to her.



Most Scorpions celebrate being alone. They are helped along by the strength of their minds. With Scorpions, childhood insecurities and traumas in their growing years are more common than other teens-pushing them to become loners. Some are loners as they are clear about things and farsighted than others and also harbour deep emotional feelings. But as an adult the transformation is almost unreal, she is all powerful and proud of her self worth.


Performs all her tasks with passion, be it work, romance, hobbies, and even lovemaking. The latent heat and energy must erupt and please her in everything she does. She is a continuous learner of various skills. More so when it comes to travelling to new destinations and gaining new experiences.

Ambition and Success


The lady does not tolerate laziness when you are in her company. Her prestige and dignity are extremely important to her. She will push her loved ones to achieve higher as her deep insight tells her your capacities to succeed. If required she will fight for you even when the mistake is yours. She can handle difficult situations easily.


You cannot separate Scorpions and persistence. She will persist till she wins or gets what she wants. Sometimes at the expense of self-destruction, and turmoil such as using alcohol and drugs. At such times a passion takes over which she cannot control herself. She must control her ego as she is strong-headed like no other and can cause widespread damage. Self-control is the key to her well being.


She has an intuition and gut feeling which is almost always right. She instantly scans people, products and everything around her effortlessly and completely. She is a bundle of contradictions-senses everything right outside yet sometimes extremely sensitive inside. She holds a treasure of emotions inside her heart. A Scorpio woman knows exactly what she wants and means so no excuses will usually work with her.



A Scorpio woman has an aura that you cannot dismiss. She is a wholesome mixture of mystery and optimism, passionate, deep and dark. That's part of the reasons why many Scorpion ladies are interested in the secrets of the universe like occult practices, conspiracy theories, and paranormal activities. They love to explore and understand the mysteries and then try to solve them as they know they can do it before others can.

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