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Papmochani Ekadashi 2024: Devotees observe the fast on Papmochani Ekadashi to get liberated from their all sins, sufferings, and miseries. Pammochani Ekadashi enables you to lead a successful life including mental peace and tranquillity. We all devotees worship the Lord Vishnu on Papmochani Ekadashi and get immense blessings from God in return. Devotees usually observe fast with ultimate devotion and unbreakable faith to please the Shree Hari. They become invincible, self-sufficient, and blissful in their life. All sins related to your past life and present life will be destroyed according to Hindu Mythology. If you do worship on Papmochani Ekadashi following every ritual and Vrat-Puja in great religious contemplation. Papmochani Ekadashi is celebrated every year so, you are all lucky ones who may get the chance of complete liberation of your all sins. Want to know when is Papmochani Ekadashi in the year 2024?

Papmochani Ekadashi 2024 Fasting Date and Parana Timing

According to the Hindu Panchag, Papmochini Ekadashi is celebrated between Holi and Chaitra Navratri. You may say it will be celebrated in March or April according to the English Calendar. Devotees observe fast and worship during Krishna Paksha of Chaitra month. Devotees who observe fast on Papmojini Ekadashi will break their fast the next day of Ekadashi. It will be fruitful if you do so. You have to get up in the morning and have a bath. Always keep in mind you have to break your fast by doing worship of Lord Vishnu.

Papmochini Ekadashi: Friday, April 05, 2024 To On March 06th Parana (breaking the fast) -from 06:27 am 08:07 am
Dwadashi ends on the day of Paran Tithi - 10:27 am
Ekadashi date starts - April 04, 2024 at 04:16 pm
Ekadashi date ends - April 05, 2024 at 01:29 pm

Puja Rituals of Papmochini Ekadashi 2024 Fasting

Papmochni Ekadashi is popular and very auspicious so devotees usually have a bath nearby the river or pond. Wearing clean clothes is necessary before being involved in any puja Archana. It is the worship of Lord Vishnu so devotees install idle off lord Vishnu and bestow everything that is required for the religious contemplation. Devotees do the worship with Tulsi leaves, Sandalwood, Flowers, incense sticks. It is considered if you don't include tulsi leaves while worshiping lord Vishnu your worship is incomplete. Devotees have to offer a special bhog today lord Vishnu for the completion of worship. If you worship the Lord Vishnu with great devotion and puritanical way on Papmochini Ekadashi, you will get the immense blessing of him.


If you observe fast on Papmochini Ekadashi you should not break your fast the same day. But if you are not so strict about your fast you can have some fruits and milk to soothe your appetite. Normally, people break their fast the next day of Ekadashi at Parana time. Devotees recite the story of Papmochini Ekadashi on this auspicious day. Chanting of Mantras of the Lord Vishnu is also considered beneficial to get rid of evil deeds. If you narrate or hear Satyanarayan Katha on this auspicious Ekadashi your every desire will be fulfilled. Devotees do Aarti in the evening time.

The Story Behind Papmochini Ekadashi

According to the ancient scriptures, the lord Krishna narrated the story to Arjuna of Papmochini Ekadashi. Once upon a time, King Mandhata asked about the way to get rid of all sins to the great sage Lomash. The great sage narrated the historical legend behind the Papmochini Ekadashi.  The story begins with Meghawi who was the son of Rishi Chawan. He had been in religious contemplation for years. Having seen his unceasing devotion the king of deities Endra became very envious. Later on, Endra devised a plan to break his religious contemplation. Endra appointed a gorgeous woman (Apsara) to impede his meditation. Her name was Manjughosha. She left no stone unturned to instigate him from his religious path. But, he was determined and firm on his way. The King of deities Endra sent the God of Love Kamdev to help Manjughosha. The beautiful Apsara then succeded in her plan to enthrall Meghawi.


Both couples started living with each other for a long time. Meghawi left the worship of Lord Shiva under the charm and spell of Manjughosha. He deviated from the path of his religious contemplation completely. Meghawi started realizing his sin after spending years in her togetherness. He had a pang of great guilt and repentance on his wisdom and control. Meghawi gave a curse to Manjughosh to become a ghost to rest of her life in hatred. Manjughosa was mournful and worried. She showed a profuse apology to Meghawi and he took pity on her. Meghawi told her to observe a fast and worship on Papmochini Ekadashi to come out of the vicious cycle of the curse. She did accordingly and was emancipated from the curse of Meghawi due to the immense blessings of the Lord Vishnu. He himself also observed the fast on Papochini Ekadashi to get rid of all sins he did in his life. His power and effect of religious contemplation we restored due to the Vrat-Puja of Papmochini Ekadashi.

From that day, devotees started observing fast and worship on the auspicious day of Papmochini Ekadashi to get rid of their all sins of previous lives and present life.

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