COVID 19 Pandemic - Will IPL 2020 be Postponed or Cancelled?

That's the question which is bothering every IPL/cricket fan. Looking at the current situation it is very difficult to say how this sporting event will be conducted, and the future of IPL 2020 which is the 13th edition of the game looks in jeopardy.

The risk for the IPL event being cancelled or being postponed is because of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) declared by the (WHO) Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the first case of coronavirus was reported in India on Jan 30th 2020 from China. 78 confirmed cases have been promulgated by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare with 1 death recorded so far for a 76-year-old man from Kalaburgi, Karnataka has a travel history to Saudi Arabia.

 Will IPL  2020 be affected by the Coronavirus pandemic?

 Earlier in the last week, the BCCI head Sourav Ganguly has said that the IPL 2020 will go on without and restraints, and they would take all the steps to protect the people and the tournament will be taking place as planned. Later Maharashtra Health Minister Rajesh Tope said on Monday that they are on discussion with the government whether to delay the event due to the growing COVID-19 (coronavirus cases) in India or not. The latest statement by the Health ministry has left the final decision on the organisers for conducting of postponing the IPL 2020 event.

How is the current Pandemic (COVID-19) state in the country?

The 13th edition of the IPL is due to start from Mar 29th, 7 matches would be played in Mumbai, Maharashtra has in total 12 cases so far other venues like Delhi has 6 +Ve cases for Coronavirus, Punjab has 1, and Rajasthan has 3 +Ve COVID-19 cases so far. And looking at the current situation we cannot say that the situation is under control.

Is IPL 2020 going to be cancelled completely?


Well, looking at the current situation we may think that this could be a case however the BCCI governing body is in close talks with the government and other franchise partners and organisers how they can conduct such a massive event without causing a fission reaction to the current pandemic situation of COVID-19 (Coronavirus pandemic).

What is the alternative to not postponing or cancelling the events?

Well, looking at the current situation it would be quite earlier to say of the event will be completely cancelled. The reasons being that there are still ways in which you can still enjoy all the action happening in the field for the IPL 2020 season. The IPL organisers are looking for options and alternatives like conduction the event behind closed doors, which means that having the events without having any spectators at the stadiums for the initial 15 matches. And this is probably the best option so far to do not interrupt the biggest sporting event in India without causing a further outbreak to the pandemic and causing even more disastrous position to the current situation at the end of the day.

How to save yourself from being exposed to COVID-19 at such events? 

Well, the most sensible decision for you being a fan would be to also consider protection yourself and your loved ones, and how you can do that well, you are not supposed to do something special all you have to do is nothing special but still enjoy your IPL matches on the streaming media like HotStar, Live coverage on TV, Radio Broadcast, or catching up with the scored on LIVE score updates from Google, Yahoo Cricket, CrickBuzz etc until the situation seems under control.

What steps are taken by BCCI to stop COVID-19 pandemic?

We are sure that BCCI being a responsible cricketing board will certainly take some sensible decisions to conduct this even in a way which doesn't at more numbers to the Coronavirus pandemic because if the IPL is conducted without any precautionary measures and looking at the current on-ground available facilities this could really turn into a very disastrous situation, so far the government efforts and timely decision have worked well in terms of restriction the pandemic turns an epidemic. And we hope that BCCI and its governing body is already working really hard to make sure situation remains under control, the teams are already advised not to eat on places where hygiene is being compromised and to also avoid taking selfies with people and using and holding their devices for the same and avoid taking part in public events. All the teams are also closely monitored by the team organizers and supporting staff.

At the end of the day, it doesn't matter if this even has on-field fans or not this sport has already broken viewership records and every year adding more and more to the numbers. When we talk about cricket is the second most-watched sporting event after soccer in the world and the biggest audience from the Asian countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, UAE, Afghanistan, Bangladesh etc. Being the most populous side on the planet we are also adding a lot to this sport. Cricket is the most loved sport in India and Asians countries. At the end of the day, we must closely observe how the situation will be in coming days which could also put an end to a lot of speculations as well.

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