Dreams About Money? Finding Money in Dream Astrology Meaning

Scientific reasons suggest that seeing money dreams is a normal phenomenon and are in a way a mere reflection of how our life is going on and how we feel about our own life. It may often happen that you see scary movies and you see ghosts in your dream, you think a lot about your companion and you see them in your dreams, these are the dreams which are your psyche's outcome, or response of your brain towards your ongoing life.

But, how about other dreams we see? Do you find it challenging to interpret such dreams? If you think you cannot figure out what exactly it means then be relaxed, as you are not the only one. 8 out of 10 people rarely know the meaning of dreams they see while sleeping. One such dream is Seeing Money in dreams, we rarely see such dreams but when we see it, it has some Astrology meanings which need to be interpreted.

Everyone who dreams of a pleasant and happy life, often considers money being the most important factor affecting the quality of their lives, and in different forms like Fortune, Wealth and Cash, etc. Humankind from centuries worked only for this attaining the wealth. In Hindu Vedic culture, we worship Goddess Laxmi for attaining money, fame, and prosperity. 

Dream About Finding Money

If you see a dream about finding money then, it suggests that the dreamer is being introduced to his intrinsic values through dreams. This is more like a spiritual encounter rather than a materialistic approach. A dream of finding money also shows a recent success or immediate achievement in their conscious life wherein, their self-image has improved and gained a lot of benefits.

20 things which bring a fortune for you

In Hindu culture, it is auspicious to see Gods and Goddesses in the dream and seeing them brings a lot of wealth and prosperity.

1. If a native sees a cow in a dream, it gives auspicious signs of fame, fortune, good luck, family growth, etc.

2. The appearance of the white horse in the dream is propitious.

3. If a person notices a mouse in a dream, it would be a sign of good fortune.

4. As per astrology and according to the scriptures, when you see Neelkanth or a Crane (Saras) in a dream, you get state honour and wealth.

5. If a crunch bird (heron or cranes) is seen in the dream, then it gives information about money.

6. If a person sees a stagnant bird in a dream, then for sure he will get monetary benefits.

7. The appearance of Parrots shows that the native will never be short of money.

8. If the native sees white ants in his dream, then it is very auspicious, bringing good fate to the native.

9. A black scorpion in a dream brings wealth.

10. Seeing a honey bee brings family wealth and growth.

11. If a person sees himself wandering in a mango field in a dream, we consider it a very auspicious sign, which results in wealth.

12. Seeing the Kadamb tree (Burflower-Tree) in the dream brings property and recognition.

13. You gain wealth if you see a Dancer dancing in your dream.

14. Seeing a set of white bangles in dreams also gives information about money arrival.

15. The flower of Kumud-Kumudni (water lilies) in the dream shows the native will get wealth.

16. Seeing Lord Krishna in a dream also indicates prosperity.

17. If you dream of getting hurt or injured in a battle, then this indicates that your social status will increase and you will gain a lot of fame.

18. Few symbols like King, Elephant, Taurus, Lamp, Grain, Flower, Fruit, girl, etc. are symbols of fame and good fortune, which are considered auspicious when viewed in a dream.

19. Seeing lotus and Gooseberry in the dreams gives enormous wealth.

20. In dreams, climbing elephant, horse, cow, palace, mountains, and trees, attain good and wealth.

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