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Motherhood is a celebration of most women and families worldwide. Human nature is to protect and propagate their genes and species. Children are the centre point of most parents' lives who bring them immense happiness and joy. However, at times couples are faced with difficulties in having children, with the reasons for childlessness being many- medical or health-related but many times, the reasons are unknown. the women find it difficult to conceive a child, or suffer multiple miscarriages and remain childless. 

During such times, astrological solutions can come to the rescue, Astrologers can study the combinations and ascertain the reasons for childlessness in couples. While sometimes there are unwanted pregnancies and on the other hand, couples try for years and also try infertility treatments and prayers but find no respite in these situations.

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Childlessness for a woman can become a source of mental trauma especially in Indian societies as the pressure of having a child is very high from the in-law's side. She is blamed and illtreated thereby her trauma is increased. Absence of fertility or other medical factors or even the loss of children when very young or even later can lead to no child in the family. Why some couples are left childless can be understood by studying the horoscope of the couple.

Astrology reasons behind Childlessness

There are a number of factors that cause childlessness, one reason can be an affliction to the 5th House. The 9th House in a man's chart can suggest the capability to have children. Find the fertility and procreation capability of the couple using the 7th house. Putrakaraka planet Jupiter when afflicted can deny children. Therefore, an in-depth analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the 5th and 9th Bhavas, their lords and also of Jupiter is vital for judging the chances of producing progeny.

Apart from the 5th house of the birth horoscope and the karaka Jupiter, the Saptamamsha horoscope is also studied when looking for a child in the horoscope. The 5th house represents the house of past good deeds or Punyas and indicates the fruits of past actions. Having healthy children suggests good past deeds and actions.

best-astrology-appVarious planetary combinations suggest childlessness due to various factors such as fertility and other biological factors or even death and are outlined below:

Planetary Situations for No Child Astrology

1. The 5th House and its Lord are hemmed between Jupiter and malefic, or when karaka Jupiter has a malefic association, the native will suffer child loss.

2 . If the lord or ruler of 1st, 5th and 7th Houses or Bhavas and Jupiter are afflicted due to the aspect or occupation by Malefics or when in conjunction with them, similar fate can be experienced.

3. The 5th lord without benefic aspect is weak with a malefic in 5th House.

4. Lords of the 6th, 8th or 12th are in conjunction with 5th lord, or without benefic conjunction or aspect.

5. Moon and Jupiter placed in evil Houses or lords of the 5th from birth ascendant and Chandra or Moon Lagna are in evil houses.

6. Mars and Saturn aspect the 5th House. The weak lord of the 2nd or the 7th house sits in the 5th House.

7. The 5th House Lord is in conjunction with Mars and/or Rahu.

8. The 5th House Lord and Jupiter lie in conjunction with Mars.

9. Sun and Venus are in conjunction with the 5th lord.

10. A malefic is in the 1st, 1st lord Is in the 5th. The 5th lord is in the 3rd lord and the Moon is in the 4th House.

11. The 5th lord malefic and in the 12th house from the Ascendant.

12. Ketu lies in the 5th house from the Ascendant or together with the 5th lord.

Scorpio, Virgo, Taurus and Leo are believed to be barren Rashis. Indian Vedic astrology suggests that if Saturn lies in the 12th house (8th from the 5th) then it denies children to Sagittarius Ascendants. This is also the case of Cancer and Saturn natives in the 12th house. Based on astrological conclusions, it is believed that Sagittarius and Cancer Ascendants have Mars as the 5th house Lord.

Responsible Yoga for Childlessness

The chances of having children also depend on several other factors, one amongst those is that Napunsaka Yoga arises in the horoscope. Brihat Parasara Hora suggests that when Moon and Venus are placed in a Lagna conjoined with Mars or with Saturn and the 5th House is occupied or aspected by a malefic in a woman's horoscope, then the female will be childless.

When the Rashi Chart of a female or Saturn’s Houses in Trimsamsa, has either Moon or the Ascendant in Mercury’s Houses it suggests that the native is barren. The Brihat Jataka Napunsaka Yoga occurs when the Moon positions in an even sign while the Sun in odd sign with the two being in mutual aspect.

Note: Per the Pre-Conception and Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques Act, 1994, pre-conception or pre-natal sex determination is illegal in India. For more information check our disclaimer page.

Let do analyze your birth chart with our expert and reveal the secret behind your childless issue.

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