Valentine Week List 2024 - 7 Days of Valentine (7th Feb to 14th Feb)

The Valentine’s week or Love week is the Loviest and the most beautiful week of the year. Beautiful fact for Valentine's week is that not only the couple but Valentine's week is also special for the father and daughter, mother and son, brother and sister. Whenever we talk about Love Week, the month of February comes to our mind. In 2024 the week of Valentine will start on 7th February with Rose day and ending on 14th February with Valentine Day. The days coming between Rose day to Valentine’s Day are Propose Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day, Promise Day, Hug Day, Kiss Day. In this article, we are giving you the complete list of Valentine’s weekdays with dates and the best way to celebrate each day as per Astrology facts.

Valentine Week 2024 - 7 Days of Celebrating Love

Have you heard ever “Love is in the Air”! Yes, it’s true and you do not believe that 7 Days in Valentine's week are dedicated to celebrating love, caring, and happiness. Have a glance at valentine's days list 2024 followed by Rose Day, Propose Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day, Promise Day, Hug Day, Kiss Day, and Valentine Day.

Occasion Date Day
Rose Day Wednesday 7th February 2024
Propose Day Thursday 8th February 2024
Chocolate Day Friday 9th February 2024
Teddy Day Saturday 10th February 2024
Promise Day Sunday 11th February 2024
Hug Day Monday 12th February 2024
Kiss Day Tuesday 13th February 2024
Valentine Day Wednesday 14th February 2024

What does your partner want on this Valentine Week? Give the best surprise to your partner by knowing the love predictions about your zodiac sign.

Rose Day - 1st Day of Valentine Week 2024


Rose day is the first day when we talk about Valentine’s Week, celebrated on 7th February every year. This day is celebrated by giving a Rose to your lover or the one who's always on your mind this is the perfect day to express your feelings the day when just a Rose is enough to explain your feelings towards the person of your dream, buy a bunch of red roses on this day paired with chocolates.

Know the Significance of Each Rose Colour as Per Your Zodiac Sign.

Propose Day - 2nd Day of Valentine Week 2024


Propose Day in 2024 will be celebrated on 8th Feb (Thursday) every year on the 8th of February as a day to propose to your lover or a person who significant other, this day is largely anticipated by the youngsters to give roses to propose to their prospective girlfriend or boyfriend. This is the second day on the list of Valentine's weeks. On this day express your love towards the person of your dreams, a red rose or a ring choice is yours.

Chocolate Day - 3rd Day of Valentine Week 2024


Well, we are talking about love and valentine’s week and how can we skip the chocolates, this day is for expressing your love with some exotic and different flavour chocolates how about some heart-shaped chocolates especially made for this day. You can also choose a basket full of chocolates and a surprise give inside the basket. The Chocolate Day in Valentine week 2024 will be celebrated on 9th February.

Teddy Day - 4th Day of Valentine Week 2024


After the Chocolate day, Teddy Day is celebrated every year on 10th February on this day people on this day give Teddies to their partners, teddy makes on this list as they are cute and who doesn’t like teddies, and especially loved by girls. So, while you follow the valentine’s week don’t forget to buy a cute teddy for your lover, with a bunch of chocolates and some cute messages for her.

Promise Day - 5th Day of Valentine Week 2024


Promise day is celebrated on the following day of Teddy Day every year on 11th February. On this day lovers celebrate by promising each other to stay with each other forever and never to leave each other in their difficulties, you can send a bunch of flowers with some notes with some messages for her paired with her favourite chocolates. We are sure she will love this surprise.

Hug Day - 6th Day of Valentine Week 2024

Just after Promise Day Hug Day is observed on February 12th, Hug day allows you to share the most wonderful feeling and way of expressing your love in the best way, Kiss may be the epitome of love but nothing is as good as compared with a warm hug when the whole world becomes silent and that warm hug speaks louder than words.

Kiss Day - 7th Day of Valentine Week 2024

Well, nothing more to say but the Kiss day is the day when you get to kiss your lover, this day is celebrated on 13th February every year, and this makes your bond, even more, stronger. Nothing can beat a kiss on her forehead let her know how much she matters for you’re followed with a warm hug.

Valentine’s Day - 8th Day of Valentine Week 2024


Feasted on February 14, Valentine’s Day is the last day on the valentines week’s list and the most anticipated day, during the valentines week which starts with Rose day (7th Feb) ends on Valentine’s Day (14th Feb), on this day you are free to display your love by doing things which will make your lover or partner feel the most loved person on this whole universe. Spend this day you’re your partners and your loved once take them for a date, arrange a candlelight dinner or book a romantic trip to the beaches or lovers’ destinations. It’s a day of joy, a triumph of passion and commitment and the blissful excitement of finding one’s perfect mate.

All You Need to Know About Valentine's Day

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