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Utpanna Ekadashi Friday, 8th December 2023, There are many fasts observed in Hindu scriptures, but the fasting which is considered as the most difficult and fruitful is called Ekadashi Vrat. Lord Vishnu is worshipped in Ekadashi vrat. This fast is observed twice every month.  Ekadashi fast is observed on the eleventh day of the Hindu calendar, the Shukla Paksha and the 11th day of Krishna Paksha. Thus there are 24 Ekadashis, but sometimes there are 26 Ekadashis. 

 By fasting on this day, the greatest of sorrows and troubles disappear from the life of man, and all the pleasures in the life begin to come into his life. Let us now tell you about Utpanna Ekadashi coming on Friday, 8th December 2023

The story of Origin of Utpana Ekadashi Fast 2023

Ekadashi was a goddess who was born from Lord Vishnu. From the Marg Sheersha month’s Ekadashi in Krishna Paksha, the Ekadashi begins. According to Shri Sutaji Maharaj, this story was narrated by Lord Krishna to Arjuna. In Satyuga, there was a very powerful demon named Mur. Due to the fear and torture of Mur, even the Gods were disturbed. There was a war between Mur and Gods which Mur won. After this Mur’s terror started growing.


On the other hand, the deities were forced to take refuge in the cave of Mrytulok. One day all the Gods thought that why not seek the help of Lord Shiva. All reached Kailash Mountain. Lord Shiva heard the sorrow of the gods and asked them to approach Lord Vishnu ji, who would surely be able to help them.  Taking Lord Shiva’s leave, the Gods go to shirsagar, where Lord Vishnu is relaxing on a bed of Snake. Seeing the situation, Lord Vishnu asked: “why all of you have  come today”?. The gods informed him they told in the town of Chandravati, the son of the demon Brahmavansh, Mur is causing them terrible atrocities, because of which we all are very troubled. Lord, please help us.  Lord says, all of you remain calm, I will definitely help you. All of you should be ready for war. After listening to this, the deities were pleased, and Lord Vishnu accompanied him to the Chandravati for the war. 

The war started between the demon and gods.  When Murar attacked  Lord Vishnu, he responded with a Sudarshan Chakra, but that did not even have a slight effect on Mur. Seeing this, God showered Mur with a rain of arrows with the Sarang bow, but Mur didn’t even get a scratch. The monster was harsh, while Lord Vishnu was gentle as a flow, fatigue broke his body. To rest, Vishnu walked towards the Hemavati cave in the rest of the land at Badrikashram. Seeing this also, the demon Mur followed him and went into the cave. In his sleep, Lord Vishnu Ji saw the monster raise himself to strike, and at that time a beautiful girl emerged from the body of Lord Vishnu, who killed the ghost with divine weapons. When Lord Vishnu woke from sleep, he was surprised to see the girl.


The girl told the Lord that this monster came to take your life and I have protected your life by appearing from your body. Lord Vishnu was very pleased to hear this and gave her a boon that you have appeared on Ekadashi in the month of Kartik, hence from today your name will be Ekadashi, and from now on, whoever will keep fast on this day, will get the fruits which are equal to all the pilgrimages. Also, there will be the destruction of great sins with your fast.  Lord Vishnu then disappeared. From that time, Ekadashi fasting ritual has started.

Utpanna Ekadashi 2024 Fasting Date and Time

Utpana Ekadashi 2024 fast date - Tuesday, 26th November 2024

Utpana Ekadashi Vrat Timing - 07:02 to 09:06 Tuesday, 26th November 2024

On Fasting day Dvashashi Date Ends: 07:06 Wednesday, 27th November 2024

Ekadashi Date begins – From 01:06 Tuesday, 26th November 2024

Ekadashi  Date Ends -  From 03:56 Wednesday, 27th November 2024

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