All you need to know about Sunday Fasting

All you need to know about Sunday Fasting

Sunday is dedicated to Lord Surya or Sun God. Sun is one of the visible God to who we can pray. He is essential for life and hence considered as life-giver. An ill-placed Sun can lead to difficulties relating to heart, blood circulation, blood pressure, problem from govt, issues in childbirth, downfall from status etc. People who have a weak sun according to their Kundli should observe this fast. In Nard Puran, it is said that worshipping the sun god on Sundays is considered very auspicious and the fast is considered very auspicious. So let us know more about Sunday fast as to why it should be done, what its benefits and what is the method. 

Sunday fasting benefits

1.   The fasting of Ravivar or Sunday is done to the Sun God. By fasting on this day blessings are received from the Sun God. By the fast of Sunday and chanting lord sun mantra (Aditya, sacred hymn singing in praise of sun god), you get the following benefits. 

2.   Fasting on this day gives you freedom from sins. 

3.   While getting rid of various diseases as well. 

4.   This fast is considered very beneficial in achieving a bright temperament, sharp intellect and health. 

5.   There is happiness in the house family. 

6.   Apart from this, the fasting faith of the people goes far beyond doubt. 

7.   Freedom from worries and misery. 

Sunday Fasting Method

The devotees start fasting or fasting on a Sunday morning by offering water and worshipping the Sun God. As the sun god's colour is red, then his idol should be kept in red colour and it should be decorated with flowers like a red lotus. Talk to our best astrologers to know the detailed process of Sunday Fasting. Pooja is consumed by offering incense, sandalwood paste, wheat grains and specially prepared dishes. Then the fast begins with the recitation of the fasting tale and the next morning continues till the Sun's philosophy. After this, it is concluded with offering water to the Sun God. People can have a meal once during fasting. Whereas, those who perform fasting after worshipping the worship should be alms to the poor who are considered to be very auspicious.

Sunday Fasting Auspicious time according to Astrologers

According to the astrologers, it is considered very auspicious to start the fast on the first Sunday in the Shukla party in the Ashwin month of Hindu calendar (September-October). So we hope that you will get enough information about Sunday fast here.

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