Rameshwaram Temple - Pilgimigage Journey

Lord Hanuman who is considered as God of  Kalyug and worshipped by a large number of devotees is himself the biggest devotee of Lord Ram. Hanuman is the greatest example of devotion until now. He helps and supports Ram in his testing time and he also discovered Mata Sita when  Ravan kidnapped her.  When Lord Hanuman found out the location of Sita then everyone decided to attack Lanka with the permission of Lord Ram. After which the problem of crossing the ocean arises. Everyone does a brainstorm and then the idea of building the bridge over the ocean comes out. The army of monkey then successfully constructed the bridge with stones on each of which name of Ram was written.  At the end after reaching Lanka through that bridge Ram with his army fought the war and defeated Ravan. While his return at the same place Ram established Jyotirling. The reason behind which was to wash out the sins which were done in Lanka. With the help of Sita and Lakshman Lord Ram and Hanuman established Jyotirling and temple of Lord Shiva. After which it was named as Rameshwaram. The Meaning of Rameshwaram is God of Ram. You will feel delighted after knowing the importance of this sacred place. Rameshwara temple in Tamil Nadu mostly known as Rameshwaram Temple. 

Let's take a look at the full Story of Rameshwaram Temple 

Rameshwar is one of the four sacred Dham in India, which is known as Rameshwar Temple. This temple is very huge and large in area. It is 1000 ft long, 650 ft wide, and 100 ft in height. In this temple linga idol of Lord Shiv has been placed. This four sacred place is in the district. For worshipping in Dham, sacred water from Gangotri is offered to Lord Shiva, which has its own significance. The divine power of Shiva gets double at this place then-sacred sacred other temples all over the country because of the presence of two powers.

Real History of Rameshwaram temple (Dham) 

The story behind this is as follows- While returning from Lanka Ram, ordered  Hanuman to bring a large Shivaling but Hanuman was unable to reach there on time so Sita Mata placed a small Shivaling there and after the return of hanuman with big Shivaling which was black in colour it was also placed and then both of the Shivalings were started worshipped.

Till today jyotirlinga is worshipped in the form of Shivaling by devotees at this place. The temple of Ramnath Ji is situated at the one end of the island. Also at the southern end, Dhanushkoti is also situated which is another sacred place which meets at India ocean in the Bay of Bengal. So devotees visit both the places to meet and worship their beloved God. There is such divine power in this temple that every devotee wants to visit the place over and over again. It is also being said that by visitinDhanushkoti is this sacred temple all the sins get washed out.

Also every lord Shiva devotee gets a special place in the temple.  The devotee of Lord Ram must visit this place as it is one of the few places in India where Chanting and prayers of Lord Ram go on continuously.

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