Mata Katyayani

On the sixth day of Navaratri, you must worship Mother Katyayani, in such away after which the mother will fill cups with happiness.

The devotees, please mother Katyayani by worshipping her on the sixth day in Navaratri. Mother Katyayani has four arms. The upper right hand is in Abhayamudra, the lower hand in the var mudra.  There is a sword in the other hand of the mother, with the lotus flower in the lower hand and she is riding the lion. Devotees receive salvation from the worship of the Mother and whatever they do in life, it is completed and fulfilled. Seekers get rid of disease and fear. Mother Katyayani is always giving the fruits of success and happiness to her followers. The worship of this goddess brings you new heights in position and standing in life. 

Worship method of Mother Katyani

Use honey in Prasad on the sixth day of Navaratri. During the puja, keep flowers in your hands and wish the Mother and chant her mantra.

Young girls can find the desired husband by chanting the mantra of Mother Katyayani 1lakh 25 times and make a good wish.Mother Katyayni is worshiped in the sixth form of the Goddess on the sixth day of Navratri.  Through their worship and devotion, devotees can easily find meaning, religion, work and salvation, all four desired goals.  Their disease, mourning, troubles and fear are destroyed.

All the problems of those who worship her with a true heart are removed by Mother Katyayani. According to Hindu belief, if a person is not able to get married or is facing difficulties in his marital life, then he must worship the Mother. According to legend, the world famous Maharishi Katyayana of Katy Gotha did a hard penance of Bhagwati Paramba, for the desire to have a daughter. Mother was pleased with his devotion and Bhagwati was born as his daughter.  That's why she was called Goddess Katyayani.

Mother katyayani ki Aarti

Jai Jai Ambe Jai Katyayani

Jai jagmata jag ki Maharani 

Baidyanath sthan tumhara 

Wahan vardati naam pukara. 


 Kai naam hai kai dham hai 

Yeh sthan bhi to Sukhdham hai 

Har mandir mein jyot tumhari 

Kahin Yogeshwari Mahima Nyari

Har Jagah Utsav hote Rehte

Har  Mandir mein Bhagat hai kehte 

Katyayani Rakshak Kaya Ki

Granthi kate moh maya hi.


Jhote Moh se chudane wali 

Apna naam japane wali 

Bhrahma tivar ko puja kariye

Dhyan Katyani ka dhariye 

Har sankat se door karegi

Bhandare bharpoor karegi 

Jo bhi Maa ko  'Chaman' pukare 

Katyayani's sab kastha nivare. 

Katyayani Mantra

Kayayani shubh dayadevi danvadhatini 

'Katyayani Mahamaye Mahayogna Dhishwari

 Nand Gopa Sutan Devi Patiyan Mein Kurute Namah:

Chandrakara sojwalkara Shardul varvahana, 

Katyayani Shubhan dadyadadevi Danavaghtini.

Boys can overcome the hindrances in their marriage by chanting the Mantra 1lakh 25 times. This mantra should not be performed by girls. 

Mantra for boys:

Patni manorama devi manovritanusarineem

Tarni Durga Sansarasagarasya Kulodbhavaam ..

After the mantra, pray to Mother other for forgiveness.

Any devotee who worships Mother Katyayani is never disappointed. There is always peace in the house. All obstacles are removed, and  work begins to become complete. Along with this, she is happy with the entire family. You must also accept the worship method we have told us to please Mother Katyayani.


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