Krishna Janmashtami 2024 -Janmashtami 2024 Date and Muhurat

Lord Krishna is the most unique and different God out of all. The whole Hindu religion prays him in the form of a child.  Lord Krishna is believed to be the nature of a child and this is the reason it all of his devotees prays him in his child form that is Laddu Gopal. Every year Janmashtami is celebrated with full devotion and happiness and everyone keeps on waiting for this auspicious day.

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Let us inform you that this year Janmashtami will be celebrated on Thursday 26th August 2024. Let us know how to celebrate Janmashtami 2024 so that Lord Krishna can shower his blessing on you and your family.

2024 Janmashtami Date and Shubh Muhurat

The prayer of Lord Krishna is done in various ways as known by the devotees. Many times we don't know about the correct mantras and even after praying the God with full devotion, we do not get positive results. Here is the 2024 date of Krishna Janmashtami in India:

Janmashtami 2024 Date: Monday 26th August 2024

2024 Janmashtami Puja Time: 12:02 AM to 12:47 AM

Janmashtami 2024 Puja Duration: 00 Hours 45 Mins

So to keep Lord Krishna happy on the day of Janmashtami correct guidance is needed. The following mantras should be recited on Janmashtami to make Lord Krishna happy.


Must Recite these mantras to make Ladu Gopal happy

Karvavinde padarvindm mukharvind  Viniveshyatnam |

Vatsya Patrasya Putte Shayanam Balam Mukundam Mansa SmaramiThis Mantra ||

This Mantra should be recited 21 times at the time of prayer with your family.

To get rid of the difficulties

Lord Krishna Vasudevaye |

Pranataklesh Nashay Govindaye Namo Namah ||

Due to various sins have done by ourselves, our positive and auspicious work also goes in vain, to balance it the following Mantra should be recited 51 times in front of Lord Krishna

Om Sachitanand Rupay Vishwatopatadi Have |

Vinashaya Shri Krishna Twamaham Vyam Namah ||

To fulfil our wishes

Munk Karoti Vachlam Pangun Langhayate Girim |

Yatkripa Tamhan Vande Parmanandmadhav Meh ||

For the couples who are unable to get a child lots of trauma and depression. To get rid of this problem and for the birth of the child, the following Mantra should be recited to full devotion.

Devakisutgovind Vasudevajagpatte |

Dehi Mein Tanyam Krishna Tvamhan Sharan Gatha: ||

Due to various preparations on the day of Janmashtami, we do not get time to recite the mantras so let's take a look at that Mantra which can be recited while doing the preparations and other work on Janmashtami 2024.

Om Namo Narayana Bhagavate Vasudevaya Namah ||

To get knowledge and wisdom

Om Krishna Krishna Maha Krishna Saryagya Tvam Prashidh Mein |

Ramaranam Videsh Vidhyamashu Prayach Mein ||

To attain power

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna Hare Hare |

Hare Rama Hare Rama, Rama-Rama Hare Hare ||

To get Special blessings of Lord Krishna

Shri Krishna Govind Hare Murari

O Nath Narayan Vasudeva |

Pitu Matu Swami Sakha Humare

O Nath Narayan Vasudeva ||


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