Jagannath Temple Puri

If beauty, purity, and novelty can be found at any place, then it is the temple. Yes, the Jagannath temple is the only place where purity is also present along with beauty. Here all of them are contained in the novelty anyone can be surprised by seeing them. Although the place is located in a place in India, the famous temple is only a few of them. Today we are going to tell you about such a famous and wonderful temple. It is known as Jagannath Puri temple in Puri city of Orissa state. This temple is counted among the wonderful temples, which are visible only by seeing God. This temple is dedicated at the feet of Lord Shri Krishna. Lord Krishna made the whole world with his compositions and is the Samvara. The meaning of the word Jagannath emanates from the lord of the world and this temple of Lord Jagannath is called Puri Jagannath Temple. Jagannath Puri is counted among the holy and holy towns of Lord Krishna, which is called the bayukunda of the earth. This temple of Lord Krishna is counted among the memorial sites.

Surprising facts of Jagannath Puri temple 

Lord Jagannath is the benefactor of Jagga, which is immortalized in Jagannath Puri with big brother Balabhadra and sister Subhadra. This holy city of God is called the Baikunda of the Earth. Which is one of the beloved hymns of Lord Krishna? At this place, Lord Krishna saved people by spreading various kinds of Leela.

There are many miraculous things in this temple, which include the Sudarshan Chakra situated on the title of Puri Jagannath Temple. Take this cycle from any place you see. You will always see the front. Not only this, the flags above the temple always waving in the opposite direction of the air. You will never see the shadow of the main dome in Jagannath Puri temple .that is, it always remains invisible.

Lord Jagannath's temple is full of miracles. Who is not convinced by seeing that it can be such? You will be surprised to know that here is the world's largest kitchen. In which there are 500 kitchens and around 300 people make a living for Lord Jagannath Ji. God made Prasad never less that is so much in the offerings of God that if you want to be a devotee in the number of millions but the offerings will not be reduced.

Another a surprising fact is that here Lord Jagannath is not worshipped but only he is seen. Let us know that here the Lord Jagannath's idol is a new caste every 12 years. New sculptures are made every 12 years but their size and form are the same.

The world's biggest Rath Yatra 

Although every day and month is of God, Lord Jagannath is celebrated in the month of Ashadh, a grand chariot is taken out. At this time there seems to be a huge number. This journey is considered as the world's biggest rath yatra.

This the temple is so grand that you can fall in wonder. The area of ?? this temple is 40,000 square feet and the temple height is 214 feet.

The entry of people of non-Hindu religion is prohibited here to save the temple from damage. Because foreigners are afraid of infiltration in the temple and adjoining areas.

Lord Jagannath, who comes to the temple, fulfils every wish.

Once in our life, Lord Jagannathpuri must definitely go. So that you can also see Earth's Bekut.
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