Gupta Dham - Why it is called Dost Dham

India is a country where culture and civilization are the most different. There is a great number of temples and mosques in this happy nation. Apart from all this, there are some places which are quite mysterious and scary. In this one is the Gupta Dham located in the state of Chhattisgarh. So let us now know the whole story in detail about this Dham and will also try to know why the name of this place has been called Dost Dham.

Some of the mysterious story of Gupta Dham

First of all, let us tell you that this Gupta Dham is located in Janjgir Champa district of Chhattisgarh state of Madhya Bharat, while it falls in Shrivanarayan. Thus it is called Shivnarayan Gupta Dham today.

But this is exactly what is telling you why it is called Dost Dham and what has been the history behind it.

Indeed, the story behind this is that at one time a woman used to be a resident of a Bhram community named Shramana. His father, who was then the King of Bhal community. After this, when the daughter grew up, the marriage was decided. But some time before the marriage, hundreds of buffaloes and goats were brought with the intention of sacrificing. Even before this bloodshed went, Shramana decided that she would run away from the dandakaranya before marriage so that innocent animals can be saved.

From history, it is known that the Shramana who wanted to worship with the sages, but he was considered to be of low caste, therefore, he would remove the thorns lying on the way to the river.

But one day, the Matang sage looks at the girl's labour when she removes the thorns lying on the way. After this, the Matang sage talked about the pleasure of happiness in his ashram. Matang sages called Shramana by Shabari. But other than the Matang sage, the other Sage Muni started to oppose all the Bhil women's labour, but they did not remove the Shabari and said that they will run this ashram further and will worship Lord Rama.

As you have also heard that Shabri, who was an absolute devotee of Lord Ram, used to bring plum to give it to her every day. During this time, the Sabari loses all the berries to see if the plum is rotten. Thus he used to always wait for Lord Ram.

But one day, it came just when Lord Ram was searching for Shabari. When he met, he felicitated him and fed a false plum in the food. Not only this but  Lord Rama had also eaten the jute plum.

After this, Ram made the temple of Lord Vishwakarma here to see Shabri's love. In this way, this place became Sabrina Narayana.

It is said that even today there is a Plum Tree were from where Shabri used to feed the false plum to Lord Rama.

Apart from this, there was also a miracle to hear that if someone puts a coin near the feet of Lord Ram in this temple then his voice can be heard for about 15-20 minutes.

But now you are thinking that why this place is called Gupta Dham, then tell you that Lord Ram still comes here to eat a plum.

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