Baba Amarnath Yatra 2019

3 Things Need To Know About Baba Amarnath Yatra 2019 

Amarnath cave's astounding story, Baba Amarnath Yatra 2019 (Amarnath temple story)

The path of godly devotion is not easy, but when you decide to go on the path in his devotion, everything goes smoothly. Yes, when you start rubbing his name, then you want to reach the destination so hard you can reach your destination. Today, we will tell you about such a Dham, whose Dham does not have the courage to go. People with great courage can reach here. The allegation that we are talking about is Amarnath Dham. Where to travel is not a child's play. To reach here, it is important to be healthy even with courage. Let us tell you about Amarnath Yatra. 

Baba Amarnath is called Lord Shiva only. It is equally difficult for Lord Bholenath to get it as he is innocent and reaching his path of devotion. Amarnath Dham is also the name of the same tough road. Which is 145 km away from Srinagar. Tell us that the cave of Amarnath is situated at an elevation of 3,978 meters above sea level and is 150 feet high, 90 meters long. 

The Historical story of Amarnath cave 

The significance of this sacred cave of Baba is very strange, it is said that Lord Shiva had narrated the immortal story to Lord Parvati. But in the middle of the story, the mother came to sleep and kept the character of Lord Shiva legend. Meanwhile, the pair of pigeon was listening to this story. Which is still seen in the cave of Amarnath. 

You will be surprised to know that this cave was discovered by a Muslim in the 18th Century. Who was a cadre and was called a booty master. Historians believe that in 1869, the first formal pilgrimage began in 1872 after almost three years of complete discovery of this sacred cave. 

Amarnath Yatra 2019  - The toughest trip

Amarnath Yatra - Travelling to the cave of Amarnath 40 meters high is very difficult because only the snowy hills are on every side. There are two ways to go to the cave, one goes through Pahalgam and the other is from Sonmarg Baltal. From here the real journey begins. Going here is not considered less than lifting a risk. The route from Baltam to the cave has to be set up to 14 kilometers. The journey is very difficult, the government gives full arrangements to go there, but still, the government does not take any kind of responsibility. Actually going up here is not easy because sometimes the problem of oxygen is gone. Especially can travel only to Amarnath who is completely healthy along with being young.

Holy Journey is made only for 45 days 

Only 45 days are given to visit Amarnath. That too in July and August. Due to much cold, the journey is closed in the remaining months. Despite hard trips, thousands of devotees come here. It only believes in the power of God's power and Lord Bholenath of devotees that thousands of devotees return safely every year and travel safely.


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