The year 2019 will be the beginning of special happiness for the people of Taurus. In the year 2019, there are some indications that you will give a good time for your relatives. Many times you are going to be seen even in trouble because of your relatives at the beginning of this year, but if you control your anger, you will be able to save yourself with the big problems. At the beginning of this year, some special problems may be encountered, such as those with stomach, skin, kidney disease, are going to be seen.

In this year 2019, going to Jupiter VII within your journal shows that there can be advantages related to land and property. Your mind will remain in religious activities. This year you are going to join very well in religious planning too. There is a possibility of going to any particular religious places and it will bring peace and joy to your mind.

This year 2019 of Taurus is lucky because as a result of Rahu, one type of covering will be around you all this year, which will be like trickery. Your closed ones, especially the enemies, will feel that you are powerful and because of this, you will be invincible in every field. This year, your honor will also increase your respect in society.

In this year 2019, people of Taurus also need to overcome their expenditure. Overall your year is about to get mixed. You will have both advantages and disadvantages this year. For the students this year will bring the possibility of the job. Government jobs are also seen as a possibility. This year, 6 and 10 number will be auspicious for you, while 5 and 2 will have to go a bit more.

For the Taurus people, this year will be a bit difficult because of the conflict. Avoid taking any kind of decision quickly in the field of careers. Do not get into any kind of lottery etc. Saturn and Sun's mutual union show that you will be worried about your career. Maintain good behavior with elder people. Your good practice will result in your dignity as a result. This year is good for engineering.


For Taurus, the year 2019 will be economically good. You will spend money well, which will benefit you in the future. You may get a house or land as a gift from your family this year. The position of finance will be good. You can start a new business in the year 2019. This year is good for starting a business related to finance in consultation. This year will be beneficial for startup ones.


People with Taurus may face some major problems in health in the year 2019. Astrologer G's astrologer advised you to take special care of the elder this year. The Taurus will have to be alert this year. You need to have food and exercise on time. You have to be careful this year due to high blood pressure, diabetes, nervous diseases.


This year, for Taurus people, is going to be very good in the case of romance. Let us tell you that this year is going to be very positive for newly married couple couples. This year your mind will be full of magic. A new member may arrive in the family. There will be enthusiastic about music and romance. Overall, you will be good this year in the love affair. The month of May and August, especially for the Taurus, will be auspicious. Avoid doing new work in August.

The year 2019 is going to be mixed up for Taurus people. This year will bring socially many opportunities for you, and will also create problems for health.

It would be better to take care of your elders. Those who do their business will be seen getting better opportunities at times, but if you cannot take advantage of them at the time then there is no use to repay behind them.

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