The Year 2019 is going to bring some new sour and sweet experiences for Aries. This year is going to bring some new expenses for the Aries people in the beginning. These new expenses will be seen in the beginning, but you will get a great advantage of these expenses in the future. These expenses are going to be seen working for you as a good investment. Some of the expenditure is also on the property and its results will be good.

Having a good investment this year, you may have difficulty in running the household expenses but it would be nice if you do not get distracted much. Due to the effect of ominous planets on the wedding, health can have a bad effect. There may be anger at times where you should not be angry because of Mars. If you do not control your anger, then it can be bad.

This is not a good time for you because of the position of sun and Saturn in the fated place. You can be a victim of extreme hype in the hurry. Avoid hastily. Throughout the year, you have to stay away from extreme exuberance. Whatever work will be done by thinking, it will benefit you.

At the beginning of the year, the problems which have been seen in the early stages will be gradually resolved. Problems will begin to end in February but after July, it will be re-focused. You have to avoid being aggressive. Especially, by October, the time may be a bit heavy. The end of the year will prove to be profitable once again. This year will be your main party and family program.

You must worship Hanumanji. The numbers 1,5,9 will be well proven. 4 and 8 are two numbers that you should try to avoid.


You may have to struggle a bit about your career. It is time for the people of Aries to keep a little bit cautious in the office. People with a job will have to stay away from their anger. Your hard work will bring pain, so do not steal your heart for hard work every year. The condition of Ketu, located in the tenth house, is not good. By the end of March, the situation will be improved for Aries. You are getting the job abroad. For the people who are going abroad, 2019 is good for them.


At the beginning of the year 2019, the mind of the people of Aries will be extinguished and down too. There may be complaining of weakness. You need to control your mind. Irrelevant thoughts can hurt the mind. Things like high blood pressure and sudden operation may cause problems. Om KraKriBhoBhayNamah: chant the mantra. On Tuesday, offer laddoos to Hanumanji, making an effort will help in the situation of problems. This year, there is a need to take care of health.


The probability of spending this year is quite visible. But the grace of Mata Lakshmi Ji will remain up to you. There is a possibility of spending a lot of expenses, especially on building a home but there is no need to panic for spending more time. Slowly improve economic conditions. At the beginning of the year, of course, you may have some expenses, but the expenses you are making will prove to be milestones in your life. Let us know that you can make good investments in your family this year.


Aries peoples will get sure success to persuading your love this year. Your love is going to be happy with you most of the time this year. Entire year will be in the romance. Your expenses for romance too will be high. Companions will remain in harmony. You will be able to get your spouse's support during the many important decisions this year. The year 2019 is going to be good for Aries. This year is good for business. People who are going to start their work will have to pay special attention to their work this year. This year, the Aries family will also take a good time for the people, so that the grievances of family members will end. At the same time, this year you will be seen bringing honor in society.

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