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Let us tell you about the benefits and importance of NavagrahaPooja, which will give you freedom from all the hardships. According to astrology, the condition of planets of Navagraha worship is done to correct their effect. In it, there is a description of the condition of 9 planets in our solar system, which is considered to be 9 planets i.e. Surya, Chandramaa, Mangal, Budh, Guru, Shukr, Shani, Rahu, and Ketu. But Rahu and Ketu are not considered to be planets according to science, but these are very influential planets.
Navagra Puja is done for the peace of all these planets. Let us tell you about the advantages of worshipping it.
1 - In the Navagraha Puja, Om BrahammurariTripurantaktiBhanu: rashibhoomiSutobudhch.Guru chshukr: shanirahuketav:
sarvegraha: shanti kra: bhavantu, Chanting this mantra turns away all your problems.
2 - Early in the morning, bathing and wearing clean clothes, worship the Navagras. This will remove all the hindrances in marriage.
3 - Chant these mantras five times from Rudraksha's garland by holding the asana in front of the image of the Navagraha.
4 - Before worshipping, invoke Sun God first, because all the planets revolve around the sun.
Involve them with red-coloured flowers ranging from roli to the sun god.
5 - After this, Om aakrishnenrajsavartmanoniveshyanmritanmtryach.Hirnynsvitarathenadevoyaatibhuvnanipshchayn..
Chant this mantra. This will never make any difficulties in your home.
We have told you about the benefits of Durga Puja and NavgrahaPoojaand their importance.

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