svarn naag bali pooja

About Puja

The purpose of the golden snake sacrifice is to redress the blame for the killing of snake or snake. Pitra dosh is not caused by a family member or an ancestor with the proper funeral, without having a pindadan. The whole life of such a person is painful. Therefore, the golden snake sacrifice worship is of particular importance. Let us tell you about the benefits and importance of Golden Snake Sacrifice worship. 1. Pitra Dosh is calm due to the worship of the golden snake. Happiness and peace are at home. Deteriorating work in the family starts to grow. 2. By worshipping the golden serpent, the evil forces established in your home come out and the Gods dwell in the house. 3. After the worship, the dispute, which has been running from the old time in the house, also becomes calm. 4. By performing golden snake sacrificial rituals, you also get considerable improvement in your health. 5. Take special care of cleanliness in the house, because the golden snake sacrificed all the faults of the house.