Saturn worship

About Puja

Pooja of Shani Dev is of particular importance. Saturn should be worshipped early morning on Saturday. Peepal tree should be watered. The holy string should be rounded up and you must walk around the tree seven times. In the evening, you must light the mustard oil lamp. Try this day, wearing black clothes, the Saturn God will be pleased. On this day, they should worship in the temple and pray to them. After reading aarti and Chalisa, chanting should be done. By worshipping Shani Dev, you will lose the negative powers in your house. You will have the communication of positive energy. Apart from this, there are some such measures by which you can please Saturn God - 1. After worshipping Saturn, feed the black til and jaggery to the ants. If possible, donate leather shoes and slippers too. By doing this, Saturn God gives grace to you. 2. While worshipping, the idol of Shani, you should not stand in front of it for a long time. If possible, worship there where the shrine of Shani is established. With this, all your wishes are fulfilled. 3. Saturn God is very pleased with donating on Saturday and helping the poor. Donating to the poor on this day, there is a promotion in the trade. 4. After chanting 108 times of Shani God's Mantra - 'Om Pram Prim Praom Saha Shanaeshcharaya Namah', the benefit of worship doubles. Therefore, after worshipping, definitely do chant it. This will make sort all your tied up work. 5. After donating black clothes after the worship of Shani Dev, his bad sight on you will vanish, and he will be with you at every step.