Mercury worship

About Puja

Mercury is worshipped on Wednesday. This worship is particularly beneficial for traders. Wake up before sunrise for the worship of Mercury. Then clean the whole house. After this, sprinkle the Ganga water in the entire house after bathing. After doing all this, worship Lord Ganesha. This will remove all the bottlenecks in the field of business. With the grace of Mercury God, there is an intellectual development of a person. This day should also keep a fast and listen to the story of Ganesh God. On 21st consecutive worship and fasting on Wednesday, there is an increase in wealth, wisdom and profit in business. On this fast day, after wearing a green dress, God Mercury is very pleased. The use of green objects should be used only for the worship of Mercury Dev. After the pooja, give food and donations to the Brahmin. We told you about the benefits and importance of Mercury worship. Now we will tell you about the benefits of Guru Puja and its importance. If you perform Mercury worship with the help of experienced astrologers of AstroSwamiG, then surely we can help you to make your worship fruitful by the complete law.