Lakshmi Shakti Pooja

About Puja

His devotee is never disappointed by the blessings of mother Laxmi. How could it be, because mother always keeps on doing the rain of wealth? Let us tell you about the benefits of worshipping Lord Laxmi. 1. The worship of Goddess Laxmi of wealth and property will remove all your planetary faults. Your impaired work begins to build, as well as less mental stress. 2. Vishnu Priya Maa Laxmi is very much like cleanliness. He lives in the house where there is cleanliness. 3. Where does Vaibhav Laxmi go to mother Laxmi? On Friday, all the wishes of women who worship and worship them are fulfilled. Especially since unmarried girls keep this fast, they get the pleasure they want. 4. They have the deep connection with Venus. In such a situation, it should be avoided by converting the mother Laxmi and attaining special results through worship. 5. Establish Maa Laxmi with Ganeshji. Give them pink flowers. This will remove the poorness of your home. Also, couples living together will be happy. 6. The worshiper of Mother Laxmi gets the good fortune of Yash-Kirti. He writes a new success story. All obstacles that come in his way are far away. 7. All the negative forces that are spread around you with the mantra of the mother end and positive energy is expanded in you.