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Lakshmi Shakti Pooja

About Puja

No devotee of Goddess Laxmi is disappointed, because mother always keeps on showering the blessings of wealth upon them. Here are the benefits of worshipping Lord Laxmi. 1. The worship of the Goddess of wealth and prosperty, Ma Laxmi will remove all your planetary defects. Your work begins to prosper while your mental stress reduces. 2. Vishnu Priya Maa Laxmi prefers cleanliness and will go into those homes that are very clean. 3 Laxmi Ma is also called Vaibhav Laxmi. Those women who keep the Vaibhav Laxmi fast and perform Puja on Friday, she grants all their wishes. When unmarried girls observe this fast, they get life partner of their choice. 4. Laxmi Ma has a deep connection with planet Venus. In such a situation, special results can be obtained through her worship on this day. 5. Establish Maa Laxmi together with Ganeshji. Offer them pink flowers. This will remove the bad qualities inside your home. Also, couples living together will be happy. 6. The worshiper of Mother Laxmi gets the good fortune, fame in their destiny. He writes a new success story in life. All obstacles that come in his way are remooved. 7. All the negative forces around you will disappear with the mantra of the mother Laxmi and positive energy will grow.