Tripindi Shradda Puja

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Tripindi Shradda Puja Details

Tripindi Shraddha Puja is performed to remove all obstacles and problems. Tripindi Shradha Puja can only be performed by a married couple or husband and wife. If a man is a widower, then he can perform this worship with full rights and customs. Those who are unmarried can also perform this puja. But the daughter of the house does not have this right. In Hinduism, a woman has to go to another house after marriage. Therefore, after the death of her parents, she does not have the right to perform Pindadan Tarpan Shraddh. Let us tell you about the benefits of this worship and its importance: 1. Tripindi Puja is done with the aim of Shraddha. Pitru Dosha Puja calms the Pitru Dosha and brings peace and happiness. 2. You must make sure that Tripindi Shraddha Puja is performed by qualified scholars and Pandits only. When done with full faith and belief, you will find yourself feeling good about the religious practice of Tripindi Shraddha. 3. To perform Tripindi worship, feeding a Brahmin, Lord Vishnu blesses you with the virtuous fruit. You must ensure that there isn't any disturbance or obstacle during the Puja. 4. The women who have no children can do their own Shraddha for the husband on the date of their husband’s death. By doing this pooja, all your troubles are dispelled. 5. After the worship of Tripindi, the old disputes of your property also begin to resolve. You must perform the puja once a year. We have told you about the benefits and importance of the worship of Swarna Nag bali and Tripindi Shraddha. After doing this, there will be no problems like Pitrudosh, instead you will receive their blessings, and you will feel good about yourself. This will lead the way to success and riches in your home.

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